Wagner Gatto, executive director at Abrasa

Aiming at the implementation of the GDPL – General Data Protection Law (Law No. 13,709/2018), Abrasa is instructing its associates on how to preserve and use information and providing training for its staff. The goal is for everyone to adapt to the required standards since technical assistance (TAs) register thousands of customers served.

Another area of work of the association, due to the increased demand expected for Black Friday and the end of the year, is the updating and training of its technicians for new technologies. According to Norberto Mensório, president of Abrasa, TAs must also have internet network knowledge since the association notes a significant increase in demand for after-sales services. Abrasa’s associated TAs are prepared and always following technology and new needs for good service.

We note that requests for face-to-face visits by customers are to help them with to set up products such as notebooks, smartphones, and smart TVs in their internet networks, which are often old plans, with a low data range, making it impossible or difficult to use of Netflix, YouTube, among others, which come with the new products. More than 2/3 of the issues reported by customers are not in the devices, but in the adjustments of network settings or type of internet account, which require modifications.

Source: Eletrolar News Magazine #138

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