Black Friday and Christmas: Time of Recovery

The market is in relief. The largest sales season in the year is close with Black Friday on November 27 and Christmas. The former, deemed as the main date for Brazilian e-commerce, is also increasing in physical retail. “It’s the period of selling phones and electronics due to aggressive discounts. It should surpass 2019 results with the addition of new consumers and stores”, says Rodrigo Bandeira, vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (ABComm).

For some wholesalers, the date is already more relevant than Christmas, states Renato Mendes, professor of digital marketing at Insper and PUC (RS). “It is a moment where consumers take the opportunity of buying for themselves. Thus, purchases are planned ahead”. Electronics account for more than half of sales, followed by cellphones and computers. In 2020, this movement should follow what has been happening in the past few years, that is, people will take advantage of Black Friday discounts to purchase Christmas gifts.

The dates are different, both are important and report a high sales volume, but it’s critical to understand that each has its role. If Black Friday encourages added value products sales, Christmas has a gift atmosphere that drives retail. It’s this understanding that helps planning, without risks, the stocks, strategy, communications, and logistics.

This Eletrolar News issue displays products that will drive this year’s sales season . Click on the link for each category: TV’s, refrigerators, washer & dryer combo, dishwashers, smartphones, small appliances, notebooks, bicycles, gamming accessories and speakers.

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