ELETROS: Industry optimism for the last quarter of 2020

National Association of Electronic Products Manufacturers

José Jorge do Nascimento Jr., president of Eletros

The electronics industry is experiencing a moment of intense recovery. The outbreak of the pandemic and the beginning of the quarantine in March had provoked a complete reversal in the expectations: the sales of the sector registered a violent retraction of 11.72%, which expanded to 60% in April.

The gradual opening of the economy, starting in May, triggered a continuous reaction process. In June, we noticed strong growth in all the segments of households and electronics, reaching a result almost 40% bigger in comparison with the same month of the previous year. Thanks to the results registered in June, we ended the second quarter with losses of 19.15%. It could have been much worse if we had kept the April scenario.

“We are confident that we will continue to make further progress throughout the fourth quarter.”

Fortunately, this scenario of economic recovery remained steady in the third quarter, a period in which we presented a 73% growth compared to the second quarter. Comparing the third quarter of 2020 with the third quarter of 2019, growth was 2.75%.

The comparison between the third quarter of 2020 and the second quarter is interesting, because it shows exactly the moment of the turnaround, that is, we left a scenario of strong losses and started to recover the results.

We are confident that we will continue to make further progress throughout the fourth quarter. We worked hard in the last three months to meet the retail demand for Black Friday and Christmas. We are optimistic and confident that we will have the best quarter of the year.

Source: Eletrolar News Magazine 139

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