Close to completing 120 days of the scale effects produced by the arrival of the new coronavirus pandemic in Brazil, the Brazilian economy is experiencing a less chaotic reality and with signs of a timid recovery in its activity.

Data from the latest IBGE survey point to a 13.9% expansion in retail sales in May, compared to the results obtained in April. Even so, despite the result, the indicators are not sufficient to recover the trade from successive losses accumulated in March and April, which add up to approximately 20%. In comparison with May 2019, sales fell by 7.2%, the third consecutive, showing the low level of economic activity in the country.

Even with a very subtle impact, these macroeconomic signals ended up influencing the results in May electronics sector, and the demand generated an increase in production. Even so, without a doubt, we are far below the rates recorded in the recent past.

Notwithstanding the constant confidence in the resumption of our economy, the reality is that today we are very close to what we produced in 2015, when we lived through the severe recession that occurred between the years 2015 and 2016.

We are always confident in the economic recoveries to which our country is periodically subjected. But, as always, we cannot rest until we see a safe horizon for the worker’s income, the health of the citizen and the sustainability of the productive sector.

With all this, we must also highlight that the positive combination of factors, that is, a slight economic recovery associated with the reduction of the contagion curve, is encouraging. But the legacy of this serious historical crisis will still need to be the focus and agenda of the many structuring public policies that aim to rebuild our country and include it in a world scenario in which the production and income generation capacity will be the main differentials for the attraction of business, investment and development.

If, in the last few months, emergency measures focused on maintaining jobs and credit were essential to get us here, despite its limitations, perhaps it is time for the Government to clearly signal what are the plans to stimulate economic activity.

There is no shortage of good ideas and good plans to be put into practice. We understand that it is of great importance at this moment that all productive sectors are seen in their peculiarities and stimulated in their potential. It is true that, as parts of the same gear, the promotion of the economy generates employment, income, consumption, health and prosperity for all citizens. It’s time to start recovering.

Source: Eletrolar News Magazine #137

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