Event Presidentes brings together the electronics industry and retail

With significant presence of industry and consumer electronics industry leaders, Eletrolar Group held the event Presidentes on March 27 in the city of São Paulo to mark the launch of the special edition of Eletrolar News magazine, and to honor the retailers which stood out in the year 2018, indicated by the industry. At the meeting, the research company GfK presented a survey on the current consumer (see article on the following pages).

At the opening of the event, Eletrolar Group president Carlos Clur recalled that he always believed that industry and retail are partners and that good communication between them would be fundamental to boost sales. “With this proposal, we created Eletrolar News, which has become a channel for all those who work in the segment of electronics. Today, the magazine has what is more important for all publications: credibility and loyal public.”

For two decades in the market, the magazine is now bilingual (Portuguese/English), with international distribution. It is the origin of events such as the Eletrolar Show, the largest trade fair for the electro electronics business in Latin America, which this year will have an artificial intelligence Isummit. Other trade fairs followed: Latin American Electronics International Trade Show, this year’s fifth edition; Bazaar Home Show; Latin American Mobile Electronics; Electronics Home, which will be held for the second consecutive year in Argentina; and Electronic Mobile Latin America, in Miami, scheduled for 2020.

On the commemorative night, the Eletrolar Group also honored the retail highlights, which were chosen by the industry. The winners were Amazon (1st time), Armazém Paraíba (1st time), Carrefour (2nd time), Fast Shop (2nd time), Gazin Group (3rd time), Zema Group (1st time), Leroy Merlin (1st time), Lojas Cem (3rd time), Magazine Luiza (3rd time) and Via Varejo (2nd time). See the winners and what they said.

Veja os premiados e o que eles disseram

Amazon / Emilia Veloso, category general manager

“I thank Eletrolar and all those who voted for the unprecedented prize, this recognition. Amazon works tirelessly every day in pursuit of excellence and the best experience for our customers. That would not be possible without our suppliers. We want to continue this partnership, seek the best catalog, the best price and bring this unique experience. We count on all of you.”





Armazém Paraíba / Francisco Mariano Alves, commercial director

“Armazém Paraíba is a company of the Claudino group, operating in the North and Northeast of Brazil, where today it represents a portion of the great retail. It has recently completed 60 years of foundation, and its senior managers are Mr. João and Mr. Valdeci Claudino, who, wanting to generate jobs, income and help the Northeast so in need, left Paraíba in 1958 and went to the countryside of Maranhão where the first store was opened. Today, it is a group that cares much more about people, employees, and giving opportunities to young people who are starting their careers than about financial matters. Seeking, every day, to improve and be part of the national market. We are very flattered and hope to be here again to celebrate together.”





Carrefour / José Nilson Ferreira, marketplace director

“Carrefour Brazil has made a giant effort to integrate all formats, digital and all platforms. The year 2018 was full of challenges, but we achieved extraordinary results in all formats. In 2019, we remain very enthusiastic. Despite everything and all the difficulties, we are investing a lot, confident in what lies ahead and increasingly thinking about omnichanneling, channel integration and digital transformation. Carrefour decided, as strategic planning, to lead the food industry in e-commerce. We’re going to work hard to be here again next year.”




Fast Shop / Thiago Quintino, chief customer officer

“First, I want to thank the Eletrolar Group for this homage for the second consecutive year and hope to be here next year. Our commitment, our mission is to care for the customer for a lifetime, we won’t give up on this, and increasingly have partnership with suppliers very close to us, to make a better Brazil, always optimizing consumer relations. For us it’s a real pride to be here





Grupo Gazin / Osmar de La Valentina, CEO

“It’s good to be here for the third time. Gazin is 53 years old, operates in the North Region and in recent years has gone through the succession phase. The founder, Mario Gazin, has been a leader for 47 years. In 2014, I took over the company on the hurricane of the crisis. It was a good test, it continues to grow and profitable. We have five pillars for this: our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the communities where we operate. This is the support of our brand, and we will continue in the same direction in the next years. May we have a 2019 slightly less difficult than the last years.”





Grupo Zema / Ricardo Zema, projects manager

“It is a pleasure to be part of this event and, for the first time, to receive this honor. I speak on behalf of the group, which is over 95 years old, I am the fifth generation of the family. We have a very great commitment to our region, we work mainly in the State of Minas Gerais and, despite the recent difficult years, we want to continue to grow and update ourselves. I’m coming back to the company to advise on this. It’s an honor to be here, alongside big companies.”





Leroy Merlin / Adriano Galoro, central purchasing director

“It’s a bit strange for a construction shop to be in an electronic event. But, we do not sell only construction products, we are an omnichannel company and, in recent years, we have become a platform company. In addition to a sales platform company we are a professional platform company. Last year, we made an installers platform, they install what we sell. I think 2019 will be a great year.”





Lojas Cem / José Domingos Alves, general supervisor

“I want to congratulate Eletrolar News for their 20 years, for the contribution they have made to retail and industry. I want to thank on behalf of over 15 million customers and our employees. We are a 67 years old company and we are proud to have never closed an affiliate in a country so difficult to do retail. I also want to say that for us it is a pride to be one of the few companies that is not in e-commerce, because Lojas Cem is a company made of people for people.”




Magazine Luiza / Julio Trajano, e-commerce commercial director

“For us, it is a great pleasure to be here. We are completing 62 years this year. Magazine Luiza is a genuinely Brazilian company, founded in Franca. Today it has 953 stores in almost all over Brazil and multichannel operation. The website has almost 38% participation in our business. We are a company focused on people, we will be very close to you. Being at Eletrolar is really nice. This channel of communication between us, the retail, and the industry is very important.”





Via Varejo / Gilberto Pereira, commercial director

“I would like to thank Eletrolar on behalf of all Via Varejo employees and our consumers. Via Varejo is proud to have in its portfolio the leading brands in the market, Casas Bahia, Ponto Frio and the e-commerce websites extra.com, casasbahia.com and pontofrio.com. Thank you all.”






Fonte: Revista Eletrolar News ed. 130

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