Father’s day – In sports and leisure

Smart watches and earphones are products that accompany the consumer wherever he/she is. While the first control stress and monitor sleep, earphones provide freedom in the choice of musical contents.

Father’s day –  In sports and leisure

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A partir da esq. Renato Citrini/Samsung; Luís Vieira/Sony; Rafael Assa/Alfacomex; e Tissiano Cavalheiro/ELG.

By combining technology and sophistication, smart watch is an asset for retailers to increase sales by the father’s day, as there is always expectation in relation to this product. What is expected of a smart watch? “That it is beautiful and combine the tools for monitoring physical activity and integration with your smart phone and other smart devices. In addition to that, it is a great ally for entertainment (listening to music on the move), productivity (notifications), stress control and sleep monitoring “, says Renato Citrini, senior product manager of mobile division of Samsung Brasil.

In the brand portfolio, the new Galaxy Watch Active has a minimalist interface and is easy to navigate, with exercise, sleep, stress and health monitoring features. Another model, the Galaxy Watch, with Bluetooth connection, allows to make and receive voice calls and can be used as a digital mobile wallet through support for Samsung Pay (via NFC). It is possible to use the integrated GPS and, through Bixby, to interact with the device by voice commands. For fitness enthusiasts, from casual racers to athletes, Samsung offers the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e, thin, lightweight and comfortable models.

On earphones, the AKG Y500 allows for easy volume adjustment without removing the device, plus automatic playback and pause control. Other models are the AKG Y100, with Ambient Aware technology, and the AKG N700NC, which makes it possible to control the interference of external sound. It has foam and leather cushions, and a flexible and adjustable rod over the head, which is also padded. Its battery lasts 20 hours. The AKG N200, with comfortable design, has a cord that connects the earphones and does not screw.

The pleasure of sound

More and more consumers want good sound quality both in physical activities and in the routes and hours of leisure, which makes earphones a category with a promising market. “Comfort and design count a lot when looking for a new headset, regardless of the usefulness of each product. Our sales, in 2018, were mainly driven by premium products such as WI-SP500”, says Luís Vieira, marketing and communications manager at Sony Brazil, expecting high sales on Father’s Day. “Primarily because they are products with average ticket ideal for gifts”, he says.

WI-SP500 Wireless in-ear headphones, with Bluetooth® connectivity, have a 13.5 mm open-type driver that enables natural surround sound. Comfortable and safe, they are resistant to water and sweat, and are suitable for outdoor training and racing, when the user needs to remain alert. With hands-free calling, you can leave the phone where you are and answer with the touch of a button thanks to the built-in microphone. The battery lasts eight hours.

Other headphones made available by Sony Brasil are the MDR-AS210 headset, which features adjustable rounded stems, a 1.2 m cable and 13.5 mm drivers, and the MDR-AS410AP headset with silicone earbuds, sensitivity of 104 dB/mW and frequency range of 17 to 22,000 Hz. The product is resistant to splashes.

Freedom in music

The headphone market is growing fast, says Rafael Assa, Alfacomex’s commercial director. “Products are designed for an increasingly connected world, which prefers greater freedom and a better experience in the consumption of musical contents. We are no longer restricted to a collection of records or listening to the specific programming of a radio. “

The company offers the AER product line, which started with three models: Aermove, for the day to day; Aersports, for sports; and Aerfree, totally wireless. In 2018, was added the Aerurban, a traditional model with Bluetooth and that can also be used with wires. Alfacomex, which will make more line launches at the 14th Eletrolar Show, is now working to increase battery life.

ELG is also releasing two lines of earphones, the kids and the gamer. Both have high standard of finish and audio, with exclusive design and auditory safety, especially in the first. “The kids line was developed with special concern in the effective performance of a volume limiter of 85 dB, preserving children’s hearing fully, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). It has rubberized finish, anti-allergic materials and can be used by children from three years of age”, says Tissiano Cavalheiro, product director of the company.

For the gamer headset line, ELG has developed products for both beginners and professionals alike, meeting the demand for hardcore gamers. They are products with professional level quality, but with very competitive prices, which collaborate to increase the performance of users, highlights the company.


Galaxy Watch Active – Suggested price on 5/9/2019: BRL: R$ 1,499.00.




Galaxy Fit e – Suggested price on 5/9/2019: BRL 299.00.




AKG 7500 – Suggested price on 5/9/2019: BRL 699.00.





Headphone WI-SP500 – Suggested price on 4/23/2019: BRL 299.98.





Headphone AS 210 – Suggested price on 4/23/2019: BRL 49.99.






Headphone MDR-AS410AP – Suggested price on 4/23/2019: BRL 79.99.




AER01 – AERMOVE – Suggested price on 4/23/2019: BRL 159.00.





AER02 – AERSPORTS – Suggested price on 4/23/2019: BRL 159.00.




AER04 – AERURBAN – Suggested price on 4/23/2019: BRL 149.00.




Kids earphone, Melody model – Suggested price on 5/9/2019: BRL 109.90.





Headset gamer, Exodus model (HGEX) – Suggested price on 5/9/2019: BRL 99.90.





Headset gamer, Surround Sound 7.1 HGSS71 model ) – Suggested price on 5/9/2019: BRL 379.90.




Fonte: Revista Eletrolar News ed. 130

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