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Scarce money and high service prices drive sales of power tools, especially with Father's Day coming up.

Da esq. acima: Cesar Messano/Black+Decker; Felipe Roque/Bosch; Rafael Santos/Lenoxx; Jacques Ivo Krause/Mondial; Felisberto Moraes/Tramontina; e Valter Lima Santos/Vonder.

Strong in the do-it-yourself concept and professional activity, the power pools category has a strong sales incentive for Father’s Day. “The history of our domestic use line shows a growth from 20% to 25% in the period before the date,” says the director of Tramontina, Felisberto Moraes. In the year 2018, sales were 12% higher than in 2017. “Considering the domestic and the professional market, there was a growth of 24%. This number does not include high-end professional and industrial brands,” says Cesar Messano, marketing manager at Black+Decker.
The increase in sales is greatly boosted by household items. “The options accompany the fathers’ lifestyle, either professionally or regarding home repairs,” says Valter Lima Santos, commercial director of the OVD/Vonder Group. “More and more people are making their own home repairs. Fixing a frame or shelf on the wall is a simple but costly job when done by outsourced labor, which reinforces the need to have this type of product always at hand,” says Jacques Ivo Krause, Technical and Foreign Trade Director of Mondial.
The time before Father’s Day is undoubtedly of the greatest importance for the tool market. “Sales have grown in an interesting way since the beginning of July, especially in home centers, ‘magazine’ and online stores,” says Felipe Roque, Marketing Manager at Ferramentas Elétricas Brasil, a Bosch Group business unit. “It’s a date when sales of drills and screwdrivers grow more than 50%,” says Rafael Santos, National Sales Manager for Lenoxx.

Good Partner

The retail trade is a big seller of power tools, says Felipe, from Bosch. “Overall, it drives sales more than building materials stores. The wide variety, stock, advertising, and deadline offered by retailers usually attract the user who wants to buy more than one item in the same place.” He also points out that the buying decision process in the category goes through the online world and ends at the point of sale.

Power tools sell more at major retailers. “Non-specialized resellers can succeed with these products when they advertise and demonstrate,” says Lenoxx’s Rafael. “Household tools sell very well at all distributors, both in magazine stores and in building material stores. The sale is encouraged by promotions at the point of sale and with marketing actions in inserts and networks’ ads, “explains Jacques of Mondial.

The Black+Decker brand is present in retail, specialized channels, wholesale stores, home centers and very strongly in e-commerce, informs Cesar. “The point is the participation in each channel, and this meets the profile of the consumer that frequents each one. In specialized channels and home centers, tools considered professional are the ones with greatest search.

“In the case of Tramontina, sales of its domestic line are concentrated in small retails, hypermarkets and neighborhood stores, and sales of professional tools are focused in home centers, specialized stores and construction materials stores, and cooperatives. “The sales incentive is due to the complete mix of products and work at the point of sale, strategically using spaces such as gondola and checkout points” says” Felisberto. Father’s Day products


The brand’s tools are within the “do it yourself” concept. Meaning that they are geared towards those who like to do their own projects and maintenance in their homes. However, they can also be used as professional products, since the brand has noticed a migration trend due the current economy state.

One of the bets for this year’s Father’s Date is the 12 V Screwdriver/Drill Kit with lithium ion battery and eight accessories. The set comes in an aluminum case. It has the B+D quality standard and an excellent price,” says Cesar Messano, Marketing Manager for the Black+Decker Tools brand.

Screwdriver/drill kit (12 V) – Suggested price on 04/18/2019 BRL 299.00.



Its Brazilian business unit, Ferramentas Elétricas Brasil, has domestic use lines. In the cable tools section, it has 10 and 13 mm impact drills (Bosch GSB 450RE, GSB 550 RE, GSB 13 RE and Skil 6600 and 6566), GSR 7-14 screwdriver and basic sanders (Bosch GSS 140/GEX 125 and Skil 7232 and 7351). It also has screwdrivers with a 20 V battery, more than enough for domestic use.

Felipe Roque, Marketing Manager, says the best option for the date is the 12 V battery screwdriver that comes with a plastic case and some accessories’ kits. “It’s a versatile kit and fits into any home and father profile. In this case, the suggestions are the Bosch GO, presented in solo version and with 30 accessories, and the GSR 1000 Smart.”

Bosch GO – Suggest price on 05/02/2019: solo version starting at BRL 159.00 and kit with 30 accessories starting at BRL 199.00.




Has power tools for household use and some for professional use. The GYPLI12 is a 12 V screwdriver and drill, with lithium ion battery. It’s a bi-volt and rechargeable product. Another tool is the 3/8 impact drill (GYFI1000), 550 W, 2800 revolutions per minute (rpm), and coming with a chuck key.

One more suggestion for the date is the GYMR650 hammer drill with 650 W and 850 rpm. “On Father’s Day, sales of drills and screwdrivers grow more than 50%,” says Rafael Santos, National Sales Manager for Lenoxx.

GYPLI12 Screwdriver/drill (12 V) – Suggested price on 05/02/2019: BRL 239.90.
GYF1000 Impact drill (3/8, 550 W) – Suggested price on 05/02/2019: BRL 139.00.
WGYMR650 Power screwdriver 650 – Suggested price on 05/02/2019: BRL 399.00.




Its line has NFFI-09M PVP drills, PF-05M 5 V-PV screwdrivers, FST-03 PVP jigsaws and FMR-01 – PVP micro-grinders. In addition to these products, it also has 8 V and 12 V screwdrivers, marble and circular saws, planers, grinders, and orbital sanders.

In the sales period leading up to Father’s Day, the drill accessory kits in the case (NFFI-07M) and screwdriver and drill with accessories in the case (PF-07MA) are the most sought after. “They are very complete and have great utility in the household,” says Mondial’s Technical and Foreign Trade Director, Jacques Ivo Krause.

Shop Kit – NFFI07M drill with case, 600 V – Suggested price on 05/02/2019: BRL 179.90.




It has two lines: The Tramontina Master line, of professional electric tools, focused on the civil construction segment; and Tramontina Do-It-Yourself line, for domestic use. In the DIY line, the brand offers kits ranging from basic to complete.

The Tramontina tool kit with a 500 W power drill for home repairs has 100 pieces, including an 18 mm nail hammer, universal pliers, screwdrivers, impact drills, drill bits, measuring tool, box cutter, bushings, screws and nails. The case weighs 3.4 kg. “The line’s history shows that sales grow in the run-up to Father’s Day,” says Felisberto Moraes, Director of Tramontina.

Father’s Day Kit (43408434-1) – Suggested price on 04/22/2019: starting at BRL 410.00.



For the date, there are products such as power tools, drills and screwdrivers. An example is the FIV 550 Vonder Impact Drill, battery powered, with 74 pieces. It has an electronic switch with speed preselection, which allows the user to control of the rotation of the machine. Meaning that it starts a hole with low rotation and increases gradually, according to the drilling need.

It has a reversible system, which makes it easier to remove the drill bit if it locks during drilling; a switch locking button for continuous work; an auxiliary handle and depth limiter, which gives the operator more practicality. “It is indicated for metal and wood perforations when using the impactless function and for concrete and masonry perforations when using the impact function”, says Valter Lima Santos, Commercial Director of the OVD/Vonder Group.

FIV 550 Screwdriver/impact drill with 74-piece kit – Average price on 05/06/2019: BRL 424.00.


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