The recovery in sales between April and July led the category to close the first half with 16% growth compared to the same period in 2019.



The category, which had been performing well, grew 15% in sales from December 30, 2019 to March 22, 2020 and fell 43% in the panic phase, so called by GfK (with the arrival of the new coronavirus). The recovery, however, did not take long.

From April 20 to July 13, sales rose 33% compared to the same period last year, according to data from the research company. In the balance of the first half, it grew 16% compared to the first six months of 2019.

Given the scenario, the demand for stoves will remain heated until the end of the year, says Clóvis Simões, commercial director of Atlas Eletrodomésticos. “The pandemic has redeemed the importance of preparing food at home. As a result, the renovation of household items is on the rise. We felt a warmup due to the maturity of the new forms of work that were established in the country, such as the home office. We believe that it will be possible to achieve the goals of the year, even with the short time for the recovery of the economy.”

In the stove category, the Brazilian values the design and functionality of the products.

Mueller also saw a strong increase in sales in the months of May and June, mainly on the online channel, says Henrique Fonseca, director of sales and marketing for the company’s stove unit. “We understand that, due to the current scenario, consumer behavior has changed. He is also making more purchases on digital channels. We believe that they will continue to grow.”

With the sudden change in routine, there were new consumption habits, says Marcelo Pinto, Managing Director and CEO of Esmaltec. “The trend is the greater demand for home appliances, mainly stoves. That is why we make products with modern design, quality and low energy consumption.” From March until the beginning of June, the company suspended the activities of its industrial park in Maracanaú (CE), in compliance with the State decree due to the new coronavirus, but sales remained within expectations.

39% cook more

Currently, 39% of people cook more, and this is reflected in the category. This is what the research that Electrolux conducted with MindMiner shows. “The search for stoves increased 52% until May 2020, according to data from Google Trends. That is why it is necessary to be constantly evolving and reinventing experiences through our products,” comments Ricardo Gadioli, local category manager at Electrolux.

The online channel was the outlet after the physical stores closed, says Anamaria Avelar, Suggar’s commercial director. “We had an increase in sales in our online store and in the marketplace, in April. In May, with the gradual opening of trade, sales recovered well, and in June, we were surprised by the strong demand. Confined, people started paying attention to their needs and valuing the home more, purchasing durable consumer goods that they didn’t have or anticipating the exchange of others.”

It is a fact that new habits collaborate with the category. “We spend more time at home, cook more and take a closer look at our equipment. We are keeping up with the fast pace of digital transformation, both in the industry and in retail, and the moment is ripe to further strengthen and professionalize this channel, which is clearly gaining relevance in terms of turnover in Brazil,” says Karin P. Fischer, commercial and marketing director at Fischer.

The confinement times took the consumer to the kitchen, consequently the demand increased, says Felipe Camargo, Whirlpool’s director of marketing and strategy. “Preparing food at home, if it wasn’t already, became a moment of pleasure and exploration, a new form of entertainment. The market is evolving, we see growth in the search for technologies that enhance the gastronomic experience or bring more practicality in the daily kitchen.”


Clóvis Simões, commercial director

It operates in the market with two brands, Atlas and Dako, which have more than 50 models of floor and 10 built-in stoves. “Atlas celebrates 70 years with technological innovation over these decades, and Dako completed 84 years,” says Clóvis. For this semester, bet on products like its two floor stoves, electric ovens and cooktops, news that will be announced soon.

One of its highlights is the Atlas Mônaco Top Glass 5B stove, with tempered glass table, automatic ignition, individual trivets, five burners, two of which are 1.7 kW, two of 2 kW and a 3 kW mega-bed. The oven has a capacity of 86.5 liters, a door with a large window and double glazing, a sliding grid with two height adjustments and a tubular handle.

Another stove, the Dako Supreme Timer Glass 5B has a tempered glass table, five powerful and economical burners, sealed with Italian technology, two of which are 1.7 kW, two of 2 kW and a triple flame of 3.3 kW. Comes with cast iron trivets, digital timer with audible alarm, 100-liter capacity oven, fully automatic ignition and double-glazed oven door.

Atlas Mônaco Top Glass 5B

Dako Supreme Timer Glass 5B

The prices suggested on 07/21/2019 vary from BRL 419.00 to BRL 3,199.00, depending on the color and number of burners.


Ricardo Gadioli, local category manager

It has a portfolio with 60 stoves, seven built-in and 53 floors. “The Continental brand, which we have just relaunched in the market, has 10 models of floor stoves, most of them with four burners,” informs Ricardo.

Its highlight is the launch of the 5B floor stove (76SPV), with black tempered glass table and automatic ignition. It has a modern design with a superior finish, few cutouts, a triple flame burner, a quick and three semi-fast burners, individual matte steel trivets and Full Glass oven door.

From the Continental brand, the 5B floor stove (FC5CS) has a tempered glass table and automatic ignition. With a modern design, it has a black front, a glass lid, a 91-liter capacity oven and double grills with a compartmented table to prevent spilled liquids from spreading on its surface. Comes with a triple flame burner, two semi-fast and two fast.

Electrolux floor stove 76SPV
Suggested price on 0 7/22/2020: BRL 1,899.00.
Continental floor stove FC5CS Suggested price on 07/22/2020: BRL 1,699.00.


Marcelo Pinto, director

For this semester, Esmaltec foresees the expansion of the Glass line, stoves with tempered glass table. “Within this perspective, we will launch the Caribe Glass, Esmeralda Glass and Esmeralda Glass Gourmet models, all in 4B and 5B versions. The first will have black and white versions, and the others in black and stainless steel,” adds Marcelo.

The company highlights the Safira Glass floor stove, with a tempered glass table. It has five burners, including a triple flame, self-cleaning oven, automatic lighting, cast iron and individual trivets, brushed aluminum handle, side handle for easy transport and tall feet. Models in black, white and stainless steel.

The Esmeralda Max built-in stove has an audible timer that alerts you when the recipe is ready and a sensor that informs you when the oven reaches the desired temperature. It has self-cleaning oven, automatic ignition, electric grill and aluminum handle. Models in black, white and stainless steel, with four or five burners, these with triple flame

Esmeralda Max
Safira Glass

The prices suggested on 07/17/2020 range from BRL 1,049.00 to BRL 1,769.00, depending on the color and number of burners.


Karin P. Fischer, commercialand marketing director

Floor stoves are essential for a functional and practical kitchen. The biggest sales figures are concentrated on these models, says Karin. “We combine our expertise in oven and stove to develop a unique product, which is Gran Cheff.”

The brand has three models available: Gran Cheff 4B, 5B and 5B TC. Highlight for the Gran Cheff 5B TC, which has five burners with high performance Italian technology, triple flame with 3,750 W of power, cast iron trivets and 110-liter capacity oven, one of the largest in the category. It has a double glass door, two adjustable chrome grills, oven gilding and stainless-steel finish. 

The Gran Cheff 4B, also with burners with Italian technology, has a tempered glass table and enameled trivets. The oven has a capacity of 74 liters, double-glazed door, two adjustable, sliding and removable chrome grills, and internal light.

Gran Cheff 5Q TC
Gran Cheff 4Q

The prices suggested on 07/23/2020 range from BRL 1,299.00 to BRL 1,899.00, depending on the color and number of burners.


Henrique Fonseca, sales and marketing director of stove unit

Its portfolio of floor stoves has 36 models, with options of glass or stainless table, in white, graphite, black and stainless, and with four, five and six burners. “We recently reinterpreted our main range of floor cookers, Piacere Vetro and Piacere, with news that are generating great results. In July, we launched the built-in line, with induction cookers, hoods, microwaves and electric ovens,” comments Henrique.

Highlight for the Piacere Vetro stove, matte black with five burners and cast-iron grills. The difference is in the shape of the grids, with six tips and exclusive fitting to give greater stability even to very small pots.

Gradually, the market is stabilizing, and home appliances gain prominence in the new routine, says the director. “The kitchen, which was already the central space of the house to share good times with family and friends gains even more special reference in this period. There is a closer look at the home”.

Piacere Vetro – Price suggested on 7/14/2020: BRL 1,309.00.


Anamaria Avelar, commercial director

It has floor stoves in its portfolio. “The most recent launches have a glass table, as we understand this to be the market trend and the absolute desire of the consumer, who values the product’s design and functionality,” says Anamaria.

The Best Cook 5B stove, with tempered glass table, has a modern design, individual cast iron trivets, fully automatic ignition and triple flame burner. The oven has a 90-liter capacity, a double-glazed door, Italian hinges, a fixed and a sliding grille with three adjustment levels, oven with safety valve, brushed aluminum handle and raised feet.

The Cook 5B model, also with a tempered glass table, has individual enameled steel trivets and automatic ignition. The 90-liter oven has thermal protection with double glass, temperature control from 180oC to 280oC and fixed grid with three adjustment levels. The product, presented in white, is bivolt.

Cook 5Q
Best Cook 5Q


Felipe Camargo, marketing and strategy director

Owner of the Brastemp and Consul brands, Whirlpool sees the market evolving. “The current scenario has been reflected in a more rational orientation for the moment of purchase, making people look for products with better cost-benefit. We also see growth in the search for technologies that enhance the gastronomic experience or bring more practicality in the daily cooking,” explains Felipe.

The Brastemp 5-burner stainless steel stove with convection and Meat Control (BFS5VCE) has a super automatic timer, individual cast iron trivets, double touch oven, defrosting, grill and quick preheating functions. The four flames of the Turbo Chama Advanced provide maximum power, highlights the brand.

The Consul 5-burner glass table stove (CFS5VAR) has a modern design, a single front with less cutouts, tempered glass table and cast-iron grids for greater stability of the pans. The oven has Cleartec technology and sealed internal glass, preventing the accumulation of grease, which facilitates cleaning. It has digital timer.

Brastemp 5 burners (BFS5VCE)
Price suggested on 7/20/2020: BRL 4,939.00.
Consul 5 burners CFS5VAR
Price suggested on 7/20/2020: BRL 1,979.00.

By Neusa Japiassu
Source: Eletrolar News Magazine #137

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