Retail is fundamental in the reverse logistics of electronics and batteries

Ademir Brescansin, executive manager for Green Eletron

Millions of tons of electronic waste, if incorrectly disposed, can cause damage to soil, water and human health. The creation of the PNRS – Política Nacional de Resíduos Sólidos (National Solid Waste Policy) in 2010 was an important step to change this reality and continues to advance.

Ademir Brescansin

In this chain, everyone has a fundamental role, the manufacturer, who must be aware of the destination of the equipment, as well as the consumers, who must dispose of them correctly. Between the ends that complete the cycle and allow the reinsertion of valuable raw materials in the market, there is one that we must not forget: retail.

It has a legal obligation to receive products from consumers and deliver them to manufacturers and importers for the correct disposal. This is because retail is the closest point to the consumer, who in turn needs to find a suitable place to dispose of products that are no longer useful, such as Green Eletron’s PEVs – Pontos de Entrega Voluntária (Voluntary Delivery Points).

Some stores might not have a physical collector, but they should instruct citizens to look for the nearest PEV. Today, Green Eletron is the largest reverse logistics manager for electronics and batteries in the country, with nearly 30 retail partners, whom we thank for their efforts in this highly valued exchange. We remain open to the expand our partnerships, because with all ends united, we managed to make this wheel turn.

Source: Eletrolar News #143

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