Green Eletron Introduces Reverse Logistics Solution

Lecture on e-waste recycling and collector’s installation mark the reverse logistics introduced by the managing entity Green Eletron in the largest fair of the segment

Green Eletron Introduces Reverse Logistics Solution

The sustainability manager of the Brazilian Association of Electrical and Electronic Industry (Abinee), Henrique Mendes, gave a lecture at the Eletrolar Show 2019 on reverse logistics – a topic of great relevance for the whole sector and for society.

The main point of his explanation was the operating dynamics of Green Eletron, managing entity for the reverse logistics of electronic products created by Abinee in 2016. The non-profit organization meets the growing demand of companies, government and society for the creation of alternatives for the proper collection and treatment of consumer electronics at their end of life and compliance with the National Policy on Solid Waste – Law 12.305 / 10.

Green Eletron has created a collective system to carry out all the reverse logistics of its associates, which involves everything from collection to the sending of “electronic waste” to recyclers, who are responsible for transforming these products into raw material for the manufacture of new products by industry. Today, Green Eletron has dozens of associated companies, manufacturers or importers of consumer electronics and batteries.

At the time, Mendes showed the three models of collectors that are available to commercial establishments so that consumers can deposit unused products. It even showed examples of collectors being used in practice in various points of sale.

The Sectorial Agreement established by PNRS provides that the manufacturing companies will have to collect 17% by weight of the electronics placed on the national market. In addition, 5,000 delivery points should be created in 400 Brazilian cities.

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