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Since last year, the washing machine market has been growing and thus has stayed stable in the pandemic. The category has great potential ahead since less than 70% of the population has this product at home.

The washing machine online sales leaped forward when the stores got closed due to the pandemic. Another channel that has shown a slight increase in sales was the supermarket. “We credit this growth to the fact that they are the only option to purchase in a physical store since in many cities the non-essential shops were closed at the time due to Covid-19”, says Juliana Zulli, the product coordinator from Panasonic.

Because of the people’s main concern with house and hygiene, Whirlpool, which holds Brastemp and Consul brands, has also identified a light recovery on sales as of April. “The washing machine category is one of the fastest grows and has great potential in Brazil because less than 70% of the population has the product at home”, affirms Allyne Magnoli, marketing director from Whirlpool.

The mobility restrictions, which keeps the population indoors, increased the use and interaction with the home appliances, says Luciano Dressel, the sales and marketing director from Mueller Eletrodomésticos. “Activities such as doing laundry, for example, represent a new experience for many people and deepen for others in the quarantine. As a consequence, change opportunities for more efficient models have come up, which was realized in the evolution of the sales.”

Luciano Dressel, sales and marketing director of Mueller Eletrodomésticos, Juliana Zulli, produc coordinator of Panasonic, and Allyne Magnoli, marketing director of Whirlpool.

Customer’s goal

Each customer has a reason. That is why Whirlpool invests in a business model for all budget and taste, says Allyne. “At Brastemp, we appreciate the sophistication and design, while at Consul, the functionality and practicality are the main points. The industry and retail have the challenge to work with a correct mixture of products faced with a scenario where the purchase habits quickly change.”

The washing machines are among the white line essential products and there are still many opportunities to insertion in the market in all Brazilian regions. “Even in a tougher scenario, the expansion of the washing machines category is expected, mainly the more efficient ones. We continue in the geographical expansion of our brand in the different channels, given the access opportunity to all the customers”, affirms Luciano.

Today, when the kitchen and service area are integrated into the social part in many houses and apartments, the customer also search for aesthetic, says Juliana. “So, people want products with a premium design and harmonize with the environment decorating. An example of that is the growing number of titanium and stainless steel color machines. Next, the products of the three companies.


In its portfolio, there are automatic and semi-automatic washing machines with a capability ranging from 4 kg to 16 kg. In automatic ones, the Energy 8 kg stands out, the most searched of the brand. It has a super-fast washing cycle, which washes, spins, and centrifuges in 30 minutes. It reuses water, has a triple-dispenser drawer for laundry powder or liquid soap, bleach, and fabric softener, four levels of water, and polypropylene cabinet, which prevents the rust in the machine.

In the semi-automatic line, there are two new economic models, with innovating design: Family Lite (10 kg) and Supertank Lite (8 kg). “We feel a good performance of these washing machines”, says the sales and marketing director of Mueller Eletrodomésticos.


Energy 8 kg
Suggested price on 5/13/2020: BRL 1,099.00.
Family Lite
Suggested price on 5/13/2020: BRL 449.00.
Supertank Lite
Suggested price on 5/13/2020: BRL 459.00.


In this semester, it released the new models of the F170P6T Titanium washing machine, a capability of 17 kg, F160B6W (16 kg), and F140B6W (14 kg). “They presented exclusive innovation in the market, such as the AG antibacterial technology, brought from Japan, which liberates silver particles during the last spin, eliminating 99,9% of the bacterial proliferation that causes bad smell in the clothes”, says the product coordinator from Panasonic.

Another innovation is the Vanish program in the machine panel, exclusively created to potentiates the spotter use of this brand and guarantee a performance 20% better. The washing machines also come with a Cyclone system, which releases the center agitator, being economic considering the water consumption.

F170P6T Titânio (17 kg)
Suggested price on 5/13/2020: BRL 2,499.00.
F140B6W (16 kg)
Suggested price on 5/13/2020: BRL 2.199,00.


Regarding Brastemp, it stands out the washing machine that has as main benefits the cleaning and the care for the advanced spotter and anti-residues cycles. “The first one removes more than 40 types of stains without damaging the fabric, and the second one is a special washing that prevents the formation of residues during the process.  It has a Duvet and Anti-allergenic Rinse cycle, which removes the residues of the fabric softener and the laundry soap efficiently.

The Consul washing machine has as main benefits the Extra-Economic Dosage, which enables you an economy of up to 70% in laundry soap, and the Easy Cleaning Dispenser, whose format facilitates the insertion of the laundry soap and fabric softener effectively. It has a Duvet Cycle and enables the reuse of the water. The two products are a success among the customers, says the marketing director from Whirlpool.

Brastemp Washer BWK12A9
Sugested price on 5/08/20220: BRL 1,699.00.
Consul Washer CWH11AB
Suggested price on 5/08/2020: BRL 1,399.00.


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