It has not been easy for all of us, society, and the productive sector, this critical phase of confrontation against the new coronavirus pandemic.

While in the public health side we surpass thousands of Covid-19 victims, in the economic and social side the challenges get worse and bring worrying consequences to the economy, employees, and family income.

Eletros continues working without measuring efforts in this delicate time to carry out an effective articulation in conjunction with the government, aiming fundamental actions and results to ensure the sustainability of our sector, its industrial operations and the other duties that depend on the companies’ liquidity.

Even though at the beginning of the crisis, the measures adopted in the face of the alternatives presented by the federal government were positive, we know that for the next period these same alternatives may no longer be enough, and we will deal with losses of all kinds: capital, fares, demands, workstation, and market. And that is not only in the electronics sector.

In other words, nevertheless the public politics to respond to the crisis caused by the new coronavirus, the degree of confidence of each Brazilian will pass through a careful and slow recovery, presenting new outlines of what economy will be in times of a “new normal”.

Our social and economic responsibility makes a difference in this scenario.

Therefore, it is urgent and important to keep confident – and asking – that the government, in all its spheres, provides the needed solutions to the society and private sector to support their dearths in the exact dose. Because only then in the right moment we will all be ready to resume the activities responsibly and work to Brazil’s growth, with job and income generation, and business opportunities to everyone.

Our social and economic responsibility makes a difference in this scenario. And that is why I proudly highlight that our industry has been working to build its best results even faced with the adversities, without letting to notice that every employee matters a lot!

We continue in our dialogs with all levels of power, while affirming and confirming that the electronic sector respects public politics, numbers, and mainly the people.

Source: Eletrolar News Magazine ed. 136

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