LAUNCHES – Artificial intelligence on white line

LG and Panasonic present innovations in refrigerators and washing machines this semester.

The white line category, supported by the good performance in 2019, mainly of premium products, is added by new washing machines and refrigerators this semester. The machines, with artificial intelligence, that identifies the right amount of soap and fabric softener, have front opening and functions that make clothes cleaner, besides saving water and energy.

Panasonic Releases

Sergei Epof

Panasonic has consolidated itself in the world market with important categories of home appliances. “We are managing to maintain the growth strategy in different segments, which makes us optimistic. We continue to invest in the expansion plan, looking at the needs of consumers by bringing innovations to the market, helping them to lead a more practical and sustainable life. The pace of development is positive, and we expect steady progress in the years to come,” says Sergei Epof, Panasonic’s chief executive.

In March, it will present three washing machines to the market, classified as the best washing in its category. They have the Vanish Program to enhance the use of the stain remover, guaranteeing 20% ​​more performance. The NA-F140B6W model, weighing 14 kg, has the Cyclone system, which does not require a central stirrer, Panasonic reuse functions (warns the time of draining for the consumer to store the water), and active foam (the soap dissolves                                                   before contacting clothes, avoiding residues or stains).

The water reuse function is also present in the 16 kg NA-F160B6W model, which has the AG antibacterial system, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria proliferation. Another model, the NA-F170P6T, 17 kg, has the antibacterial system, titanium body and digital panel with white LED lighting, in which it is possible to identify the time left for the washing to finish, as well as customize and save a favorite show.

In April, Panasonic launches the BB71 Black Glass and BB71 Steel refrigerators, both with a capacity of 480 liters and Inverter technology, which saves more than 41% of energy. They have a Fresh Freezer compartment for storing food and drinks at ideal temperatures, and a drawer that enhances the nutrients in food, among other features.



Panasonic BB71 brushed steel refrigerator, 480 liters capacity – Suggested price on 10/02/2020: BRL 4,799.00.


LG Electronics News

Kati Dias,
White line Executive
LG Electronics do Brasil.

The new line of the brand has eight smart models, with Wi-Fi connectivity, a feature that makes it possible to monitor and access the refrigerator remotely through the LG ThinQ® application. The products have a Linear Inverter ™ compressor, which saves up to 32% of energy and is quieter, and Hygiene Fresh ™ filter, which keeps the air clean and the environment decontaminated, eliminating up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria. The Multi Air Flow system offers more air outlets inside the refrigerator and reaches the chosen temperature more quickly.

Other features that some products in the new line offer are NatureFresh ™ and DoorCooling ™, which guarantees up to 35% faster cooling. LinearCooling ™ maintains the internal temperature and Moist Balance Crisper ™ ensures moisture inside the drawer. One of the differentials is the Instaview Door in Door ™, an exclusive system that allows, with two touches, to view the interior of the refrigerator, minimizing the loss of cold air. All refrigerator models are now available to retailers.

Refrigerator LG French Door Inverter 525 liters with Instaview Door in Door – Suggested price on 10/02/2020: BRL 18,499.00.

Wash and Dry Smart LG VC2 Inverter 11 kg with AI DD ™ Suggested price on 02/22/2020: BRL 5.199,00.

The brand’s washers have artificial intelligence. The LG ThinQ®, with front opening, comes with an Artificial Intelligent Direct ™ Drive (AI DD ™) engine, which detects volume and weight of clothes, identifies fabrics and combines movements, protecting 15% more clothes. It has the functionality that calculates the exact dose of liquid soap and softener for each load size. It also connects to Amazon’s Alexia through the ThinQ app, alerts the user when the soap is running out and enables Amazon Dash Replenishment for purchase over the internet.


The washer’s AI DD ™ engine is compatible with LG Proactive Customer Care, a customer service solution that uses AI to alert the user of possible problems and anticipate repairs. “The new generation of connected refrigerators from LG and Wash and Dry with AI offer the highest technology to make everyday life more practical and economical. These launches of white goods reinforce our intention to facilitate and simplify the lives of LG consumers with an increasingly technological portfolio”, explains Kati Dias, white goods executive at LG Electronics do Brasil.

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