LG presents its new line of NanoCel TVs at Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics 2019

LG was present at the Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics and took the opportunity to present its releases to consumers in various categories.

Betting on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, the company showcased its new line of NanoCell TVs that include Google Assistant, focusing on home connectivity by voice commands through the television. The devices also bring improvements in sound and image quality, allowing a more complete consumer experience.

Other highlights of LG during the event were the new artificial intelligence wash and dry line and the top-of-the-line G8S ThinQ smartphone, which has just been launched and was available for experimentation at the Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics. About the device, one of the features that caught the most public attention was its biometric system. Unlike most smartphones on the market, which feature a fingerprint or face recognition reader, the model features Hand ID, which recognizes the structure of the palm veins.

According to Barbara Toscano, LG’s director of marketing in Brazil, the event was an important moment for discussing strategies, creating alliances and presenting innovations. For the executive, the expectation for the second half of the year is positive, as the market can enjoy traditionally important occasions for business, such as Black Friday and Christmas.


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