Personal Care: Hair products. The ideal moment to invest in your self-esteem

The personal care category, traditionally, obtains good results on Mother’s Day, and this time will be no different. Sales have been growing since last year. From January to December 2020, sales of hairdryers increased by 7% and that of flat irons/styling brushes, 31%, which makes them good bets for retailers.

By Dilnara Titara

Vanity is inherent in all women, regardless of age or stage in life. Although their female responsibilities are many, both professionally and personally, hair care is considered essential, and it is increasingly done at home.

In the atypical scenario of the current world, with an isolation routine, hair care has become practically a therapy, which is why sales of these products have grown a lot in the past year. Flat irons and styling brushes (curlers) saw a 31% increase in revenue, and hairdryers grew 7%, according to data from research firm GfK. Prices, in turn, rose 19%.

Women always look for what is new for their hair, says Carla Góes de Barros, Lenoxx marketing and product manager. “Purchasing a hairdryer or a flat iron, more than making them look beautiful, allows independence to care for and style hair wherever and whenever they want. In 2020, we saw strong growth in sales, and, for this year, we have strong expectations, looking into strengthening our digital channels and e-commerce.”

Important date

Mother’s Day is very important for the category, highlights Marcelo Perin, commercial and marketing director at GA.MA Italy. “The date is totally linked to the woman’s well-being and beauty. Therefore, in the Mother’s Day month, our sales practically double when compared to a normal period of the year.” In 2020, according to the executive, sales lost speed in the months of April and May but resumed in June.

Mother’s Day is very important for the category. Sales double compared to a regular period in the year. Investing in a hair dryer or flat iron brings advantages, such as autonomy and practicability.

The category itself is a wonderful gift, says Cristiane Clausen, Britânia’s executive director. “The products were thought-out and developed to be powerful and to perform well. They take the result of professional salon into the house.”

Investing in a hair dryer or flat iron brings advantages, such as autonomy and practicability, factors that lead companies to get excited. “We are optimistic about the sales of personal care products on that date, when the search for gifts that show affection grows considerably”, says Jacques Ivo Krause, technical and foreign trade director at Mondial Eletrodomésticos.

Good expectations

With the changes in the hair care routine, Mallory expects positive results, says the product manager, Vanessa Silva. “In 2021, our expectation is that the personal care category will return to the growth rate of 11% in sales, as it was occurring before the pandemic, especially in May, when the average increase was around 98%.”

The companies are expecting sales to expand. “The growth of this category has been very significantly. Each year, the number of people who invest not only on vanity products, but on practicality rises. In 2020, we had a significant increase in sales on digital channels and we expect much more in 2021”, says Flávia Bordin, Multilaser appliance product manager.

Newell Brands’ expectations for the date are also the best. “We have noticed positive signs of market reaction since the middle of last year. Another reason to believe in good results is the sales history of Mother’s Day, which is why we have developed increasingly individualized models”, says Flávia Di Celio, the company’s marketing manager, who owns the Cadence brand.

New releases in the category

Britânia and Philco

Soft Brush BES13VD
Soft Brush BES21P

Britânia’s new line of dryers/styling brushes features the BES13VD, BES21P and BES22 models. “They dry, smooth and shape,” says Cristiane. The products are bivolt, have a power of 1,300 W and exclusive Infrared light technology, which dries the wires from the inside out, sealing the cuticles and preventing damage. They have bristles with Natural Care technology, which are more resistant to heat, reduce frizz and give greater shine.


The PSC2500 EXPERTPRO dryer and the Ceramic Black PPR08 flat iron are Philco’s main products. The first, which is part of its professional line, has a power of 2,500 W, a tourmaline coating, which guarantees less frizz, and an A/C Turbo Force engine.

Ceramic Black PPR08 flat iron

The flat iron has plates with anodized ceramic technology and a smooth surface for faster and safer glides. It is ergonomic and reaches 230 ºC.


Flávia Di Celio, marketing manager

The Newell Brands has launches developed especially for the date. The Quartz Hair Line has the SEC721 hair dryer and the PAC281 straightener, which bring a combination of special colors, in matte white and chrome finishes in Rose Quartz color.

“With the brand’s exclusive design, the new models have tourmaline tones, provide softness to the hair and reduce the frizz effect”, says Flávia. The straightener/flat iron reaches a temperature of 210 ºC in two minutes and has 42W of power. The dryer guarantees modeling with two speeds and three temperature levels, in addition to the cold air jet for finishing. 1,900W power at 127V and 2,000W at 220V.

Quartzo Hair flat iron (PAC281) – Suggested price as of February: 19, 202 BRL 99,90 .
Quartzo Hair dryer (SEC721) – Suggested price as of February 19, 2021: BRL 1 159,90.

GA.MA Italy

Marcelo Perin, commercial and marketing director

Among its novelties are the dryer and the New Lumina 3D flat iron. “Investing in both means enjoying the peace of mind of having professional products, which can be used in any voltage,” says Marcelo. The dryer has the exclusive Auto-Bivolt technology, that is, it presents the same performance connected at 110V or 220V, and 3D Therapy, which reduces frizz, increases brightness, and reconstructs the strand of hair. It has 220W of power, two speeds and six combinations of temperature, and cold air jet. Comes with diffuser nozzle.

The New Lumina Tourmaline ION flat iron, with 25mm x 120mm sliders, has ceramic coated resistance and reaches 220ºC. This allows for a smoother and faster straightening. Ceramic Ion technology provides an anti-frizz effect. The product has a rotating handle for greater user comfort and longer life.

New Lumina 3D Auto-Bivolt dryer – Suggested price as of February 5, 2021: BRL 399,90.
New Lumina Tourmaline ION flat iron – Suggested price as of February 5, 2021: BRL 249,90.


Carla Goes de Barros, marketing and product manager

The bet is on the My Rose Line. “There are five entirely versatile products, which were developed to allow all the looks that women want, including when traveling,” says Carla. The highlights are the Travel My Rose hair dryer (PSC759), the Ceramic Tourmaline straightener (PPA765) and the Ceramic Tourmaline styling brush (PEM783), all bivolt and with a one-year warranty.

Light, versatile and foldable, the Travel My Rose hairdryer can be carried in the bag. It has ceramic coating plates and 1,200W of power, emits tourmaline ions, which dry the hair, and comes with a 1.6m cable. The flat iron is practical, emits negative ions, ceramic plate, and tourmaline technology, which makes hair brighter and softer. The curvilinear design facilitates the finishing of hair in straight or curly styles. It has a 360º rotation cable.

Travel My Rose hair dryer (PSC759) – Suggested price as of February 4, 2021: BRL 89,90.
Ceramic Tourmaline flat iron (PPA765) – Suggested price as of February 4, 2021: BRL 89,90.


Vanessa Silva, product manager

In dryers, highlights the Ion PRO 4000, ideal for everyday use. The product combines the activation of heat with negative ions to seal the hair cuticles and moisturize the hair. It has 2,000W of power, three temperature levels, an air directing nozzle, and is bivolt.

Another highlight is the Red Diamond flat iron, bivolt, which reaches a temperature of 210ºC. It has ionized titanium plates and PTC system, which distributes the temperature evenly. With negative ion technology, it smooths quickly without damaging the hair. “It is essential to invest in powerful and quality products, which are able to reduce the damage caused by heat”, says Vanessa.

Íon Pro 4000 dryer – Suggested price as of February 10, 2021 BRL 129,99.
Red Diamond flat iron – Suggested price as of February 10, 2021: BRL 109,99.

Mondial Eletrodomésticos

Jacques Ivo Krause, director

Makes two launches for the date, the Black Rose Turbo SC-38 hairdryer and the Twist Gray Rose P-29 flat iron, both with an innovative design. Light and compact, the dryer has 1,900W of power and ion tourmaline technology, which assists in the care of the strands, while drying the hair.

In the flat iron, the main innovation is the twisted slider technology, which makes it possible to straighten the hair as well as make the curl styling, with more practicability and efficiency. “The product has floating plates with ceramic coating, ion tourmaline technology, digital panel and rotatory temperature selector, which reaches up to 230ºC”, says Jacques.

Twist Grey Rose P-29 Flat iron – Suggested price as of February 11, 2021: BRL 199,90.
Black Rose Turbo SC-38 hairdryer – Suggested price as of February 11, 2021: BRL 129,90.


Flávia Bordin, product manager

Its new brand and the bet for the date, is the Essenza personal care line.It consists of the professional dryers Linha Intensa EB044 / EB045 and the spiral shaping flat iron Linha Delicada EB050. The hairdryer has a high power of 2,000W, in two voltages, and an ion generator, which makes hair shinier.

The flat iron is the big news of the moment, says Flávia. “With a spiral-shaped design, it allows straightening and curling hair. Its floating plates adapt to the lock of hair.” It has micro-teeth, which separate the wick in the right proportion, digital display temperature selector, and ceramic coating. Both come with a bag to condition the devices and transport them.

EB044/45 dryer – Suggested price as of February 1, 2021: starting at BRL 199,90.
EB050 flat iron – Suggested price as of February 1, 2021: starting at BRL 199,90.

Source: Eletrolar News Magazine #141

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