Products variety increases business opportunities in Argentina

Electronics Home will be held for the second consecutive year.

National and international brands are in the second edition of Electronics Home 2019, which will be held at the Costa Salguero Center, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from August 5 to 7. The fair, exclusively for business, brings together technology and a high variety of consumer electronics, moves industry and retail, as well as local and South American buyers and distributors. Last year, it attracted buyers from all Latin American countries, with a total of more than 3 thousand visitors.

“It is a pleasure to hold in Argentina, once again, a fair where industry and retail meet for launches and technologies. It is a space where both deepen their commercial relations and close great deals. We created this event with a vision for the future, projecting business not only in the short and medium term, but also in the long term,” says Carlos Clur, President at Grupo Eletrolar, creator of the event.

At Electronics Home, there are many product categories such as home appliances, consumer electronics, small appliances, audio and video, well-being, telephony, lighting, IT, including computers and accessories, wearables, toys and games, personal care and beauty, domestic utensils, decorative home products and automotive products.


The fair will hold the Electronics Home Congress, which will bring experts in the exhibitor categories. In the first part of the meeting, the research company GfK will present data and trends of the segment, with its director-general in Argentina, Lorena Turano. Digital transformation will be discussed by Fernando Cuscuela, CPO (chief procurement officer) at Rekket and partner at Guía Óleo.

In the second part, themes will be: E-commerce – perspectives and winning cases, with Marcelo Garcia Cisneros, founder and CEO at Rekket Digital Hub; Digital payment methods, with Javier Buitrago, VP and head at Thunes in Latin America; Business in our hands, i.e. how WhatsApp and systems integration can work together for success, with Lorena Amarante. The symposium will be mediated by Andrea Catalano, a journalist specializing in communications and new technologies.

Major brands are exhibiting at the fair including Boss, Drean, Briket, Epilady, Ormay, Winco, Singer, Honda, Nakan, Aurora, Stromberg, KAZ, Columbia, General Electric, Honeywell, Imetec, Codini, Lenor, Loriel Metalfranch, Morelli, Petri, Piletin, Volcan, Zonatec, Energizer, Usman, Patriot, Olmo Haro, Tas Eme, Spica, Black & Decker, Aspen, Llamada IP, Bellisima, Kanji, Okey, Garmin, Kingston, Sanyo, Noblex, Philco, Genius, Rheem, Ciroc, Suzika, Bicicletas Futura,  DeLonghi, Orbis, Yelmo, Maxgtrend, Max-You,  Crown Mustang, Microbell, Motorola, Moonki, Net One, Remington, Saiar, Sedilog, and Whirlpool.

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