Sales of electronics may grow more than total retail sales.

In the second semester, the sales of electronics are expected to grow more than retail sales in general. “It will be close to 5% comparing with the same period last year, with an increase in volume and price”, says Henrique Mascarenhas, director of the research company GfK. Retail, as a whole, is expected to grow around 3.5%.

The Social Security reform is the most important endorsement for this projection, based also on other points, such as the restrained demand and the small recovery of employment. “The positive perception of the reform approval, combined with the gradual recovery of economic factors, will make the electronics segment grow more than the retail”, explains Mascarenhas.

Premium products, especially the white goods, will be the highlights in this phase, which points to a good future perspective, initiating a virtuous cycle. This means a more confident and optimistic consumer, which will be a lure for the investment of entrepreneurs. “There is a latent demand. Since 2014, Brazilian people are pessimistic” points out the executive.

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