TELEVISIONS – Turning around

The new premium television technologies move the category, bring good results to the Brazilian retail, and prove that these appliances are more alive than ever.

If there is a category that has turned around is undoubtedly the television one. After being premature, by the way, recommended its disappearance in a digital era, the technology took the charge of bringing the appliance back to the noble spaces of a house. Larger and with more features, the big screen televisions have high demand and became the home cinema. Only last year, 11 million units were sold .

Igor Krauniski, television products general manager at LG Electronics Brasil, Guilherme Campos, senior product manager at TV and audio areas at Samsung Brasil; and João Rezende, product manager at SEMP TCL.

The evolution of image and sound technologies on these products has a fundamental role in the market warm-up. “They have been revolutionizing the way to watch TV, providing experiences increasingly immersive and prime to the users. The customers already see the value of these technologies and, therefore, they drive the search for the premium products”, says Igor Krauniski, general manager of television products from LG Electronics from Brazil.

The sales growth in the online channel was evident, after a quick slump due to the Covid-19. “What happened was the association of two factors, the everyone’s dream to have the 4K larger television, which was the best-selling, and the change of habits, because people had come to stay at home. We had an increase of two digits in the on-line channel sales”, tells João Rezende, the product manager from SEMP TCL.

With design and technology, the television came back to the noble spaces of the houses.

In the present circumstances, besides new habits, other ones were taken back, affirms Guilherme Campos, product senior manager of TV and audio areas from Samsung Brasil. “The TV, which was always a bond among the relatives, has gained more evidence with the search for updated news and the availability of a different content and entertainment vastness. The search for high-technology screens and especially with big inches has been accentuating a little bit more than one year ago and tend to gain more and more enthusiasts.”


Product in the market


The main categories the ones LG has been working with are OLED and NanoCell. “The OLED technology, the more advanced in the market nowadays, has pixels that bright themselves, which eliminates the necessity of blacklight layer on LCD/LED TVs. The OLED screens ensure pure black and much more vibrating colors, in addition to thin and elegant designs. The TVs of the NanoCell category are a premium LCD line, with nanoparticle technology directly applied on the panel”, explains Igor.

OLED C9 (55” a 77”)
Suggested prices on 5/12/2020: from BRL 6.999.00 to BRL 39,999.00.

In 2020, some NanoCell and OLED models will have the new α (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI processor. Advanced, it uses its facility, besides deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, to improves the quality and enables functionalities to every kind of content, such as movies, games, and sports, driving the user’s experience to new levels. The companies will also bring to the Brazilian market, this year, 8K technology televisions, the more advanced concerning image resolution.

NanoCell SM99 (55” a 86”) 
Preços sugeridos em 12/05/2020: de R$ 4.499,00 a R$ 29.999,00.


About the Samsung brand, three models stand out due to a high demand from costumers. The company informs that the RU7100, which was the most searched for the Brazilians, is 4K smart, and it is available on 43” to 75” sizes, including the Unified Remote Control, able to control many appliances connected to the TV. Besides being the thinner screen of its category, it has a design that minimizes the wires exhibit in the environment through tiny spaces and fastenings available on the backside of the screen.

RU7100 65”
Suggested price on 7/07/2020: BRL 3,999.00.

QLED Q80 55″
Suggested price on 5/07/2020: BRL 5,499.00.

The QLED Q80 is another TV, available in 55”, 65”, and 75” “It has the One Invisible Connection, where one only slender and almost transparent wire connects the appliance to an external connection center, One Connect, simultaneously linking it to the other appliances. It has compatibility with No-Gap Support, Samsung exclusivity, quick and easy installation, almost no space between the TV and the wall”, says Guilherme. The Q900 is one more TV, it was the first 8K resolution screen released in Brazil. Both have a 10-year guarantee against the Burn-In effect.

QLED Q70 65”
Suggested price on 5/07/2020: BRL 8,399.00.


The TCL highlights the Android 4K P8M television, with 50”, 55”, and 65” screens, tells João. “With the use of micro-dimming technology to reproduce contrasts and colors, the final experience is a clean image and a 4K technology. The artificial intelligence facilitates the search for content and automation control through the integrated Google Assistant and the AI-IN from TCL, our artificial intelligence platform, enabling the users to do questions and control intelligent devices at home using the voice.” It has a 5-mm border.

Android TV 4K P8M
Suggested price on 5/07/2020: BRL 1,894.33 50″ model at Fast Shop.

Another product from the brand is the Android TV Full HD S6500, which has an integrated Android operating system and Google Assistant. With 32”, 40”, and 43” sizes, it has a sound system with Dolby technology and voice command. In the second semester, the company will bring to Brazil the television that has presented CES this year, with the new Mini-LED technology. It has a driving semiconductor circuit and “tens of thousands of mini-LEDs” with reduced micrometers, which results in better image performance.

Android TV Full HD S6500
Suggested price on 5/07/2020: BRL 1,299.00 44″ model at Fast Shop.


Rising sales

For the product manager from SEMP TCL, the television is an item of desire, and the customer invests when doing the math and noticing that the appliance’s price fits in the pocket. “We expect that the sales grow even more in the second semester, the company will keep boosting the movement to undersell the technology, including the voice command without a remote control.”

Samsung also believes in market expansion, despite the challenging moment. “Since the end of March, we are working with the campaign “Connect yourself to your home”, which encourages the Brazilian people to explore the functions and features of the appliances they have”, says the product senior manager of TV and audio areas of the company.

LG will put in the market more premium technologies models in the NanoCell and OLED categories. “We will also bring our first 8K models to Brazil and we will keep investing in artificial intelligence solutions, as the Hands-Free, which enables the voice commands to the TV without a remote control”, says the general manager of the brands’ television products.

Source: Eletrolar News Magazine ed. 136 – Por Leda Cavalcanti

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