Vacuum cleaners: Innovation and practicality in cleaning the house

More functional and easier to store, the new vacuum cleaners register a big increase in sales currently, mainly in the online channel.

Consumer behavior has been changing recently. New generations are increasingly looking for products that make everyday life easier, that offer practicality and agility to domestic activities. Given the current scenario, there is an exponential increase in sales of products with these attributes.


Amanda Capucho, personal health leader at Philips Brasil, responsible for Philips Walita brand; Bruno Maia, marketing director at JETS; Paulo Sanford, CEO at Wap; Marta Schulz, product manager at Black+Decker Eletro; and André Kliemann, home appliance marketing director at Midea Carrier.

Last April, vacuum cleaners, according to the research company GfK, had revenues of over 300% compared to the same period in 2019, in online sales. “In the first two weeks of April this year, sales of vacuum cleaners on the brand’s portal more than tripled”, highlights André Kliemann, marketing director of home appliances at Midea Carrier.

Currently we are living in a new time, a new normal, highlights Amanda Capucho, Philips of Brasil’s personal health leader, responsible for the Philips Walita brand. “With most people at home having to work remotely and handling other activities at home and family requirements, there is an increasing search for equipment that helps clean efficiently and practically.”


With a growing market, the category has a lot of potential in Brazil, which leads brands to make launches, expanding the diversity of products. “Hygiene is a great ally of health, every product that has a relationship with hygiene is victorious in terms of demand at this moment”, comments Paulo Sanford, CEO of Wap.

Due to the search for equipment that helps in cleaning, companies are optimistic. “It is a growing market, Brazilians experimented and started to like the ease of vacuum cleaners. This is causing demand to increase,” says Marta Schulz, product manager at Black + Decker Eletro.

Buyers are also attentive to the news. “The market for robotic vacuum cleaners is currently very heated due to the pandemic”, says Bruno Maia, marketing director at JETS. “We observed that the consumer increasingly values ​​the cost-benefit ratio to have a vacuum cleaner robot at home.” Next, the products available to retail.


The portable vacuum cleaner APB3600 with lithium battery, which has great autonomy, is one of its news. The product vaccum dust and water. The other is the AV100 Dustbuster vacuum cleaner, 2 in 1, portable, which can be used vertically. It is bivolt and has a lithium battery, cyclonic suction system and hepa filter.

AV100 Dustbuster  
Suggested price on 5/05/2020: BRL 699.00.

Portable Vacumm cleaner APB3600
Suggested price on 5/05/2020: BRL 209.00.


New to the robotic vacuum cleaner market, the company has the JETS J1 model, with a water tank, intelligent navigation, a battery with an autonomy of 2 and a half hours, and turbo mode, which increases the suction capacity of the robot. The appliance also has a remote control and two types of cleaning brushes, one made of rubber and the other with soft bristles for the different floors.

Vacuum Robot Cleaner J1
Suggested price on 4/30/2020: BRL 1,839.00.


The company has in its portfolio the SmartMop robot, which has double filtering with hepa filter, attached cloth and water tank. It has intelligent system with obstacle sensor, which allows you to dodge objects. When it needs to be charged, the robot vacuum automatically returns to the base. Another new is the Midea wireless vacuum cleaner, 2 in 1, which can be used in vertical or portable mode. Comes with removable accessories. It has low noise, a rod that allows 180º movement and a cyclonic suction system.

Suggested price on 5/05/2020: BRL 1,099.00.
Vertical Vacumm cleaner 2 in 1
Suggested price on 5/05/2020: BRL 799.00.


Its launches are the robot vacuum cleaner Philco PAS09C, which absorbs and wipes, and the Philco PAS1300. This is a 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner with a power of 1,300 W and a hepa filter. “To make domestic activities easier, Philco has invested in the practicality of cleaning and the need for less space to store,” says the company’s general director, Cristiane Clausen.

Philco Robot Vacumm PS09C
Suggested price on 5/05/2020: BRL 1,899.90
Philco Vacuum Multiclean PAS1300V
Suggested price on 5/05/2020: BRL 259.00.

Philips Walita

The brand has two launches. The PowerPro Aqua FC6404 is 3 in 1, vacuuming the floor and wiping at the same time. Has washable filter and autonomy of up to 40 minutes. Another product is SmartPro Easy, a robot vacuum cleaner. It has an intelligent detection system, which identifies the environment and defines, among the four cleaning modes, the most appropriate. Its battery lasts up to 105 minutes, and the Ultra Hygiene Epa12 filter captures 99.5% of the dust particles.

PowerPro Aqua FC6404
Suggested price on 5/05/2020: BRL 1,849.90.

SmartPro Easy FC8794
Suggested price on 5/05/2020: BRL 1,999.99.


Highlights two models. The WAP Power Speed, in vertical style, has high suction power and mechanical brush action. The other product is the WAP Floor Cleaner MOB floor cleaner, which combines the injection of chemicals (bleach, chlorine, disinfectant and others) and the mechanical action of the electric roller with soft and rigid bristles, in addition to suction, which provides dirt extraction.

WAP Power Speed
Suggested price on 4/30/2020: 749.00.
Floor Cleaner
Suggested price on 4/30/2020: BRL 1,699.90.

Source: Eletrolar News Magazine ed. 136
By Dilnara Titara

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