Brazilian Association of Electronics After-Sales ABRASA


Wagner Gatto, executive director

The last 18 months were extremely difficult for commerce overall, especially for micro and small business, due to the lack of capital and financial reserves. To overcome this period took a lot of effort, work, and professionalism from all associates, who are now more motivated to reach their business goals.

With the new economic measures, the advance of vaccination, and the ample opening of commerce in São Paulo and other regions in the country; our sector works with the expectation to close the second half of 2021 totaling 19.5 million service orders (OSs – Ordem de Serviços), a promising performance.

We observed, two months now, that consumers have been looking for technical assistance more, since most had their purchasing power diminished and were affected by the significantly increase on products taxes and prices. Without financial resources to buy new products, the elder public and retirees use technical assistance to repair their devices, generating a 60% demand on services orders completed.

It also increased the search for TV services, and cellular phones had the biggest utilization during the pandemic, stirring those involved in after-sales. Once again, we overcame difficult moments, which is a great encouragement for the upcoming periods. 

Source: Eletrolar News #144

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