Efficiency in business

Efficiency in Business

Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics 2019 , a platform of launchings and technology, increases its business opportunities and brings positive results to the industry and to the wholesale area.  

The  Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics will promote the biggest approximation between exhibitors and buyers this year, in another initiative to increase sales. “We have created the mechanism to schedule meetings between purchase professionals and exhibitors, aiming to strength the relationship, eliminate commercial barriers and optimize time.  We are always looking forward to creating more business opportunities”, says Carlos Clur, president of Grupo Eletrolar.

 In 2019, as in previous years, the organization will sponsor, with air ticket and accommodation payment, the trip of purchasers of big companies that do not have branches in São Paulo. This year, Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics, will happen from July 29 to August 1st, in Transamerica Expo Center, in São Paulo, it will have 700 brands and 10 thousand products.

Veja alguns dos destaques de 2019. A relação completa dos expositores estará na próxima edição da Eletrolar News.


It exhibits several products, such as home appliances, Bluetooth speakers, and cell phones. The company also innovates introducing the line of smart TVs from 32” to 43” with artificial intelligence. “Participating in the Eletrolar Show is a great opportunity to expose our releases and show your differentials. It is a trade fair that allows us to bring together all our main clients in one place, which is fundamental to strengthen the relationship “says João Rezende, product manager of the audio and video category of Semp TCL.





Present in all editions, it highlights the line of planetary mixers, formed by products with 500 W of power, three types of stand mixers, anti-splash cover, 12 speeds, and two bowls. “Our expectation is very good. About 90% of our client visit our booth. We take the opportunity to showcase the launches in a structured and personalized environment, and to strengthen the relationship with buyers from Brazil and abroad, mainly from Latin America”, says the founder and co-president of Mondial, Giovanni Marins Cardoso.



Exhibitor for the tenth time, Multilaser has launches in the lines of smartphones, well-being, and products that make everyday life easier. “Participating in the fair is the chance to be in touch with our clients and be able to introduce our news and the best business opportunities first hand. Having this direct contact in a fair with structure, organization, and that is a reference motivates us to return every year with more and better novelties”, says communication and marketing manager, Tiago Naves Dibenedetto.





Participating for the seventh time. It exposes leading notebook models, desktops, mobile phones, and accessories and opens special spaces for the brands Positivo, VAIO, Quantum, Anker, and 2 A.M. “For us, it will be a very special fair. We are celebrating 30 years in the market, and it is an opportunity to celebrate with our commercial teams, customer and partners. We will make a fantastic launch, a line of products that matches the technological evolution,” says Positivo Tecnologia’s marketing director, Alexandre Colnaghi.




Panasonic will have a 210 m² business suite for meetings with its major retail clients. For resellers, its focus will be on the second quarter launches, exhibited individually within the strategy of each dealer. “Generating shopper experience goes far beyond implementing actions at the point of sale. It starts in the retail strategy,” says Fábio Ribeiro, Panasonic’s marketing manager in Brazil. In products, it highlights the TC-55FZ950B TV, with advanced OLED 4K Ultra HD panel, HDR feature, and Bluetooth.





Lehmox, a company that operates in the areas of communication, security and IT, opens its doors at the fair by exposing mobile accessories and launching products such as keyboards and computing mice, artificial intelligence, and home security. Their expectations are mainly focused on showing what they can do and make the brand be known in the market. One of the highlights will be the virtual peephole, says Joseph Wang, the company’s chief operating officer. “It allows the person to see, from anywhere, who is at his or her door.”





Visitor in 2018, Altomex will debut this year as an exhibitor at the Eletrolar Show and will launch 50 products of its categories of operations, with emphasis on Bluetooth speakers. It also features other accessories for smartphones, such as chargers, cables, headphones, automotive support and video game controls. “The products have as differentials the design, the quality and the price. Our goal is to reach customers in all Brazilian states, “says Alexandre Lião, Altomex’s national sales manager.






With exclusive launches in laundry and kitchen lines, Mueller, who celebrates its 70th anniversary, is exhibiting for the ninth time. One of its highlights is the newly launched Fratello Vetro line. “Eletrolar Show is always an opportunity to exhibit launches, strengthen our relationship with retail, and prospect new clients. Our commercial area is ready for business, will customize each service in order to generate profit for retailers,” says the president of the company Márcio Gonçalves.




Present in all editions of Eletrolar Show, Elgin exposes the complete lines of air conditioning and sewing, as well as several other products of the brand.  “Our main differentials are quality, design, and guarantee in the inverter line”, says Luiz Henrique de Oliveira Virtuoso, national sales manager of the retail channel. “What motivates us to participate in the fair is the visibility and the relationship it offers. It’s a great opportunity to meet partners, retailers, and friends,” he says.





Exhibitor every year, it makes launches and will show the new positioning of the brand. One highlight is the CA4000 amplified box, with coloured LEDs on each 12” woofer and blinking lights. “Our expectation for the fair is always high, and our goal is to surpass 2018. It is great for business and an efficient marketing tool, which enhances the image of our brands. Face-to-face with buyers is important,” says Carla Goes de Barros, marketing and product manager, who will offer competitive prices at the fair.





For the fourth time at the fair, it launches a new generation of digital TV antennas, more powerful, with embedded technology and elements encapsulated in a rain- and UV rays-resistant thermoplastic structure. In the gamer line, it exhibits products with real features, comparable to the great international brands, says Tissiano Cavalheiro, product director. “Eletrolar Show has become the main retail event in Brazil, it is a great opportunity to strengthen relationships and present product lines.”






A long-time partner of the Eletrolar Show, Caloi highlights its participation in 2018, when it presented many new features and launched the Schwinn brand. “The acceptance of our products was great. We expect to repeat new business in 2019. What motivates us is to be close to the main retailers of the electro channel in the Country and to be able to exhibit launches and news of the brands Caloi and Schwinn. We will have products from BRL 269.00 up to BRL 5,000.00,” says commercial director, Beatriz Vigeta Hlavnicka. Highlight for Caloi Vulcan 29ers.




Exhibiting for the eighth time. “The goal of our brands at the fair is to win new clients, have direct contact with the current ones, and launch products. Our participation is very important, as we are visited by a great number of distributors, magazines, and stores,” says president and CEO, Hassan Ali Abdallah. Among our launches, we highlight headphones, mini systems, and the gamer line (keyboard, mouse, and headsets). “As always, we have special discounts for those who close deals at the trade fair, around 10%.”





Expõe pela oitava vez e em espaço maior. “É o principal momento para encontrar clientes e parceiros, renovar laços e fomentar novos negócios. É nosso principal investimento do ano em marketing e em produtos”, diz Rafael Assa, diretor-geral da Alfacomex. Entre os destaques, fone de ouvido sem fio com bateria que dura 8 horas, da marca AER, e power bank de 20 mil mAh da Geonav, que carrega smartphones e notebooks. A empresa continua trabalhando o conceito de Casa Inteligente, agora com produtos conectados a plataformas universais. 




It participates in the fair for the first time, driven by positive reports of entrepreneurs who work in the same branch, says Vítor Costa, administrative analyst. “It’s the chance to take our brands and products to potential clients who work with mobile products through exhibition at one of the largest fairs in the segment.” At the stand, there will be chargers, cables, headphones, and portable speakers. “Prices will be competitive, with discounts negotiated according to the volume of purchases,” says Vitor.





Participating for the fifth time at the show exhibiting a wide range of accessories. Highlights for the 4.4a charger of IT-Blue brand, the device features four USB and LED inputs and can also be used as a lamp, says Isabel Duvanel, the company’s commercial manager, who has good expectations regarding the fair. “Eletrolar Show is an opportunity for new business and to make our brand even better known in the consumer electronics market. We will have many other novelties and aggressive prices for the businesses closed at the fair. “




It participates in the fair for the fifth time and highlights the 5.1 channel home theater KP-6015BH, with Bluetooth. “We will have special discounts for closed deals at the fair,” says Luciana Duvanel, administrative assistant at Knup. “As a multi-segment company, we have been able to increase our client’s portfolio and the number of companies that seek partnerships to market our products. We remain in the line of prospecting of the brand and exposure of new product families”, she explains.




In its eighth participation, it highlights the launch of Track rim 29 aluminum Trivo, equipped with Shimano set, hydraulic brakes and front suspension with handlebar lock. “Trivo is cost-effective, meets the consumer profile, and fits well into the portfolio of large retailers. And Eletrolar Show is a showcase of the brand for regional clients that are far from São Paulo. Participating is another great opportunity for new business,” says David Kamkhagi, director of the company.




For the seventh time in the fair, the small appliances line stands out, which is being doubled this year, says the marketing manager, Moisés Botelho. “Among the various news, we will launch Della’s hair dryer and straightening board, Agratto’s new line of health and beauty.” Ventisol also make launches at Eletrolar Show, as its line of residential air conditioners. “The trade fair is an opportunity to surprise our clients and capture new ones,” adds Moisés.





It exhibits for the second time and shows such innovations as the Smart Box BS 9700, the SAT HD Regional receiver and the BDF-14 table cell phone, the latter being the highlight of 2019. It has 4G connection, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi router for up to eight devices and input for cards up to 32GB. “To participate in the Eletrolar Show is to focus our efforts on the largest retail trade fair in Brazil, a market we were distant from. We will have access to retailers from all over the country and aggressive prices for closed deals at the fair,” says Marcelo Dombrowski, director of the retail channel.



With a wide line of performance and for 30 years in the sector, Elsys participates for the fourth time in the Eletrolar Show. “It is an event that is consolidating as an excellent showcase to present our solutions in electronics to a very relevant public of the industry and retail”, says commercial director, Claudio Blatt. It exhibits launches in the television, security and energy segments. One of them is Smarty, the new device for streaming on TV, the first in Brazil with Android.





It launches and highlights a line of boxes manufactured in Brazil, with injected enclosing, amplifiers and speakers specially designed for the models: CF 400, 700, 1,000, 2,000, and 4,000. One of the main products, the CF 1000, is bivolt and has power of 500 W RMS, Bluetooth, FM, USB inputs, P2 and P10 auxiliaries, and lithium battery. “This is our eighth time at the fair. We expect to make and strengthen deals with key clients, as well as prospect new accounts,” says commercial director Dirceu Kniess.




Importer of cell phone covers, backpacks for laptops, headphones, batteries, chargers, cables, and speakers, Summerland exhibits for the second time. Its main highlight will be the official launch of Plotter, a machine for shopkeepers, which cuts films for cell phones on the go. “We are exclusive resellers of the brand,” says marketing coordinator, Ana Almeida. “This year, our booth will be focused on product testing and we will have special payment methods for our clients,” says Ana.




The mobile accessories manufacturer debuts at the fair to increase its clients base and add more value to the Hrebos brand, says Paulo Costa, administrative manager. “The biggest companies in our segment are on the Eletrolar Show. It’s the place to find new clients and partnerships.” The company works with products made with the client’s logo, starting from the packaging. “We have covers from BRL 1.50 at wholesale, and there will be special negotiation for buyers who close an agreement at the fair,” says Paulo.




It is exhibiting for the fourth time. The highlight of the brands will be the launch of the stainless steel rectangular station hoods. “These are high-performance products with special size, refined and high-end design,” says trade manager Anildo Warmling, who promises interesting attractions to close deals at the fair. “The presence of many buyers, managers, and directors of the main resellers in the segment, both domestic and abroad, strengthens the commercial ties with the current partners and allows them to win new clients,” says Anildo.





An accessory distributor, Gedaite participates for the second time at the fair and exhibits Awei products, such as headphones, cell phone cables, compact speakers, and computer items. In particular, the Bluetooth earphone with long battery life, says Karina Tan, Gedaite’s partner. “What motivates us to participate once again in the Eletrolar Show is the opportunity to exhibit and value our brand and our products even more, present new products to clients, and win new ones.”



It exhibits for the third time to showcase launches and its qualities and expand networking. One highlight is the partner’s branded 3-in-1 cordless charger, from Baseus, a partner brand, which charges iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time. Its price is BRL 99.00, with a 5% discount for business closed at the trade fair. “The differential of Eletrolar Show is its audience and the meeting of companies that offer the best in technology, we feel at home in this environment,” says Karina Escobar Rangel, assistant to the presidency.






With a diversity of case lines, it uses the best raw materials, design, and the most advanced technologies, says André Weege, commercial manager. “Our brand is driven by innovation and constant search for novelties. In this fifth participation in the trade fair, we will expand our relationship network, meet the public’s needs and close new businesses. Eletrolar Show is different exactly by enabling us to do all this. The cases range from BRL 59,00 to BRL 129,00. Deals closed at the trade fair will have special conditions.”



At the show for the third time, it highlights Dock Station WS-5329 Super Bass with Bluetooth. The speaker box has 14 W RMS, digital recorder function, which records songs from the cell phone directly into the SD or USB card, and Bluetooth connection compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and TVs. “Eletrolar Show is important, it is where we meet new partners and approach current ones. It enables personal contact with potential buyers, building relationships and conducting business,” says marketing director Jane Qin.





It exhibits for the third time and launches a great line of audio. A highlight is the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) Bluetooth headphone with battery life of up to 20 hours, and a 40 W waterproof, LED light and battery of up to 16 hours. “We look forward to impressing current clients with innovations, meeting new ones, and exposing brand strength in smartphone accessories. At the fair, we want to strengthen ties,” says co-founder and partner, Marcelo Castro, who seeks integration between physical and virtual stores.


It shows products for health and well-being, such as massaging pillow, blood pressure monitor, glass scales and facial sauna, on its debut. A highlight is a device that relieves stress, says Santiago Garrido, CEO of Garrido and Guzman, distributor of Beurer. “Placed in the diaphragm area, it transmits impulses that help the user to breathe properly. At the trade fair, our goal is to introduce the brand, make launches, and enter many different magazines and stores from Brazil,” adds the CEO.




A multinational company based in Brazil and the Netherlands, it wants to repeat in its second participation in the fair the success obtained in the premiere, says Guilherme Reis da Nóbrega, director and founding partner. “We believe that Eletrolar Show brings together the leading brands of technology products and accessories for personal and home use. We want to be part of this important annual moment of interaction and business with our stakeholders.” The company offers a structured virtual portal with more than 300 thousand custom items options.



A manufacturer and importer of accessories for mobile phones, Fancy makes its debut at Eletrolar Show. One of its novelties is the brand’s exclusive TWS wireless earphone with advanced Bluetooth 5.0 version, acoustic precision, and noise isolation. It comes in a graffiti, charming, and clean metal case. “The fair will expand the reach of our brand and its value. It will also generate more sales, enable direct contact with the target audience and strengthen our positioning,” says Cindy Pan, sales manager. 




It participates for the first time, targeting new clients. “Let’s take advantage of the differential edge of Eletrolar Show, which is the visibility it gives the brand,” says the company’s director, João Paulo Rezende. “We do not have a featured product but a full line of premium accessories for smartphones and tablets. We have products with prices from BRL 9.90 up to BRL 399.99 and we intend to offer aggressive discounts at the fair. We will also launch the B2B business model of Gorila Shield,” says John Paul.




It participates in the Eletrolar Show for the third time and launches the fitness line of armbands, fanny packs, and Bluetooth headphones, with exclusive design. In the booth, it also exhibits accessories such as chargers, cables, and power banks. “The fair is a showcase for our business. It’s a great opportunity to introduce new products, strengthen our relationship with our clients and make new partnerships,” says Kimaster CEO Sisi Hong.





Mobile accessories distributor premiers at the show to showcase its product lines – such as chargers, cables, headphones, car cradles, music boxes and headphones – to make the brand better known and prospect new customers. “We have updated our lines as more advanced handsets are introduced and we focus a lot on design, packaging and product descriptions,” says Li Jun, Fam Brazil’s managing director.



The company launched the Orvibo brand in the latest edition of Eletrolar Show, a solution with the “do it yourself” concept, which allows you to control your smart home with your smartphone. Now, back with more novelties from the segment. “The product has already won the market and we have many launches this year,” says Vartan Horigian, CEO of BHX Brands Group, which owns the Energy brand. “Our core business is the power bank. We will exhibit induction models with fast charging,” says Vartan.





A participant for the sixth time, iWill’s highlight this year is the official launch of its audio line, with the Bluetooth speakers. The new products align quality and affordability and come to meet a demanding market, says industrial product designer Amanda Andreza Coelho. “It is already set in motion with the introduction of the Prime Speaker loudspeakers in the month of April. For the fair, we are preparing several surprises also in the line of accessories for Apple products.”


Distributor of retro style products, such as audio lines with current technology, and for decoration, Ribeiro e Pavani exposes for the sixth time. Among the new features for the season, it showcases a Vespa motorcycle from the 1960s, airplane miniatures, telephones, and launches models of turntables and jukebox with vinyl. “Our proposal is to strengthen the market with news, increase sales, and win new clients. Launches will have more attractive prices at the trade fair,” says the director of the company, Rodolpho Pereira Prado Ribeiro.




 The brand represented by Windys participates in the Eletrolar Show for the first time and launches the gimbal, a stabilizer for smartphone and cameras, both for action and professional use. The gimbal is an articulated holder that stabilizes image and thus prevents the footage from shaking with hand movement. “FeiyuTech has a very high expectation for the Brazilian market,” said Tomas Lee, Windys’ director.



It premieres at the fair with the proposal of expanding business and promoting the brand and launches to clients from all over the country. “It’s always better to have personal contact with the client and to show the entire product line and its differentials,” says Irineu Boscheid, director-general of Chamalux. At the fair, it launches a line of cooktops and also exhibits electric ovens. “Its cooktops have distinctive designs and colors, which make the environment more beautiful and charming. We will have an increase for those who visit our booth”, says Irineu.




In its debut, it launches the air conditioner Novo Floripa, which refreshes, humidifies, and decorates the environment. Its differential is the water sprinkler, completely clean and free of bacteria. “Our focus is on promoting our new air conditioner system and expanding sales of the 70-cm fan,” says sales manager Jordan Dal Moro. The company has a special product line for thermal comfort, and the Eletrolar Show is an excellent showcase. Our expectation is to expand business and promote the brand,” adds Jordan.



It participates for the first time and expose the main line of mobile protective films. A highlight is Nanoshield, a HPrime’s exclusive in Brazil. “The film innovated in the market with its durability, greater than tempered glass,” says Fernando Hudelit, commercial manager, who also has lines for specific smartphone models, such as SafetyMax and UV Curved Glass.  At the fair, it wants to strengthen the brand, get closer to clients and expand the industry. “The differential of Eletrolar Show is its reach,” says Fernando.





The brand of accessories for mobile phones exposes in the Eletrolar Show all its product mix, including chargers, cables, covers, batteries, speakers, films, vehicles and power banks. “They are imported products of high standard, all top of the line,” says Carlos Veronesi, controller of Dévia. “We are at the fair for the first time, motivated by the possibilities of spreading the brand nationally and generation good business. Our expectation is great,” he adds.





Participating for the second time and taking the CDC – Consumer Direct Credit, a product adjusted for each retailer, and launching the EP – Personal Loan. “It’s a product with great business opportunity,” says Paulo Sávio, commercial director of Banco Semear. In 2018, the institution had positive results at the fair. “Because we are a small bank with great capillarity, we gained visibility. We will expose our brand and products with the chance of winning new clients,” says Paulo.





It participates for the third time with its brands Novik Neo and ProBass. Its highlights include Novik Neo’s Earthquake DJ, with two 12” woofers, 2,700 W RMS, mixing, and auto DJ functions. “The Eletrolar Show is the big event in the national retail annual agenda and, as our brands are gaining relevance in this channel, presence is essential to develop the relationship with the retail networks,” says the director general, Marcelo Palacios. “Part of the launches at the fair is expected to occupy the range of BRL 499.00 to BRL 999.00,” he says.




Motivated by its previous results, it exhibits for the third time and believes in a 15% increase in sales with the launches. “We chase what is new and modern. Our main highlight is Ombrelone Premium, with articulated movements, UV 50+ protection cover, blackout against sun beams, and aluminum structure,” says director Claudio Alejandro Lois. The company offers spare parts and covers in various colors for its parasol and LED lamp docking option. At the fair, it will have different prices.




It exhibits new anti-theft, mechanical, and electronic product lines. Highlight for the AS105 electronic padlock, which keeps cell phones charged. “It has the best value for money and its clean, modern design highlights the exposed product,” says Enori Emmert, co-owner. An exhibitor for the third time, the company hopes to increase its clients’ portfolio and effect sales. “We value closed deals at the fair, we will have special payment methods and promotional items to leverage the business,” says Enori.




It participates for the first time in the Eletrolar Show, with the proposal to present to Redragon, a brand of accessories for professional gamers, a new player in the computer market, says Rony Uemura, commercial director of Solid Importação. “We are leaders in mechanical keyboards for electronic games. We provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services for brands such as Razer, HP, Dell, Asus, Huawei, and Lenovo. We expect 30% growth in our resale base,” he adds.





Exhibiting for the first time in the fair, it brings to Brazil screens and mobile components, such as the full front, which will be one of the highlights in the company’s booth. “What motivates our participation in the Eletrolar Show is the fact that it brings together big companies in one place. It is an opportunity to expand our range of businesses and clients. We work with tariff prices for wholesalers and we have products with special promotions”, informs Eliete Rodrigues, commercial manager.


Exhibitor for the first time in the fair with the barbecue grill charcoal-based, battery-operated USB powered grill, whose patent it bought from China and with marketing rights in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. It also presents the electric oven for pizza and launches coconut coal, with reduced smoke and up to three hours of burning. “Our product is innovative and has a lot to do with the proposal of the fair,” says marketing manager, Isaac Rodrigues, who wants to increase the number of POVs.





It exhibits for the second time and is optimistic about the opportunities that the event offers. It highlights the portable Fresh Humidifier, which innovates in the category by its size and reduced cost. The competitive edge of the fair is the contact with big retailers from all over the country. We expect to see partners again and expand our participation, especially in the South and Northeast regions, where there is still plenty of room to grow. We will have exclusive deals for businesses closed at the fair,” says Francisco Mecchi, commercial director.




The federal authority that supervises the professional practice of commercial representatives makes its debut at the fair considering an excellent opportunity to promote institutional activities, says its CEO, Sidney Fernandes Gutierrez. “The objective is to guide and raise awareness of current or potential commercial representatives, as well as the represented companies that contract them, on the need to register in CORE-SP for professional practice and on the rights and duties provided for in Law 4,886/1965.”





It participates for the fourth time and will show the Universal UPS line, with connection to any electricity grid in the country, be it 110 V or 220 V, and a portfolio of UPS with 2,200 VA of power, with time of autonomy over two hours of operation. “TS Shara is constantly seeking to be the main business partner of electronics companies. Attending Eletrolar Show, presenting our portfolio, it reaffirms this commitment,” says the company’s CEO, Pedro Al Shara.




The brand debuts at the fair to exhibit backpacks with anti-theft system, Bluetooth headsets and power banks, among other items. “Our main product today is the versatile anti-theft backpack produced with high-tech and state-of-the-art materials,” says Monica Hui, commercial manager. The company emphasizes that its prices are very competitive. “Those interested in purchasing our products or becoming resellers or representatives of the brand will have a better price option,” adds Monica.





Present in more than 65 countries, X-ONE®, a new in Brazil, debuts at the Eletrolar Show and launches the world’s toughest mobile film, says marketing and sales director, Breno França. “The X-ONE® Extreme Shock Eliminator has five layers of protection fused under nanotechnology, resistant to falls and impacts. To prove this resistance, we will give demonstrations during the fair, using the screen of an iPhone as a hammer to fix a nail in a wood, “completes Breno.


Participating for the sixth time and will present the variety of speakers of its brand, the TRC, whose line 2019 has been totally renewed. “At the fair, our goal is to deliver the best assortment of speakers to the retailers and with the best value for money,” says Bruno Machado, commercial manager. Highlighting the line of double boxes, from 500W to 900W of power, with Bluetooth, USB, card and guitar inputs, FM radio and microphone included. The model TRC 398, with 700W of power, is an example.




Holding the OEX, OEX Game and OEX Kids brands, the company is once again participating in the fair, aiming to expand sales, says executive director Marcelo Sztajn. “Brands are relatively new; we have a great potential to increase their capillarity throughout Brazil. Eletrolar Show will help us spread them. “A highlight of the company is the POP line, very cool, says Marcelo. “It is aimed at executives, offices and everyone who wants to value their accessories on a daily basis.”




It premieres with the aim of expanding the presence of its cell phones in all regions of the country. “It is the biggest event of the segment in Brazil”, says President Felipe Cavalcanti. The company has a lean line of handsets for the C, D and E classes. At the fair, it launches the Quick 5.0 smartphone in red and silver. “The differentials of the line are the elaborate design and the extremely low RMA index, compared to the segment,” says Felipe, who will have a differentiated pricing policy for the closed deals at the event.






For the first time at the fair, it launches the Leswin, a motorized board that helps in the exercise and fun of adults and children. It allows to dive up to 3 m deep and has a compartment to attach an action camera, says commercial director Thelma Gonçalves. “We want to introduce this novelty to the market and expect real results in sales, as well as the recognition of Animus as an importer of innovative products. We will have differentiated prices for closed deals at the fair.”




Keeper of the brands Aukey, Baseus and Dapon exposes for the third time. At the fair, its highlight is the Aicok grain grinder, Aukey line, model KWG250, in black and silver colors, whose differential is speed of grinding. Closed deals at Eletrolar Show have a 5% discount. “Our expectation is to increase the number of businesses and prospect customers. To date, we have clients that we prospect in the first edition that we participate in, “says Karina Escobar, assistant of the presidency.





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