Eletrolar News 134 – Wellness – Retail is the best showcase for the wellness line

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The category is passing through a good time and sales may increase with product demonstration in department stores.

by Neusa Japiassu

Concern for health and the need to relax regarding stressful situations are factors that contribute to the growth of the wellness product market. Keeping weight, for example, encourages the scale category, just as dry weather favors retail air humidifiers.

This scenario makes room for compact items such as shiatsu massagers. “They were developed based on the results of scientific studies, proving the benefits of massage done with the gentle heat they transmit. They improve blood circulation,” says Amaury Carvalho, international marketing director of Aukey Brasil, which brought Naipo brand products to the country.

Concern for health and aesthetics is increasing more and more, and this contributes to boost sales of the wellness category, says Giovanni Marins Cardoso, founding partner of Mondial Eletrodomésticos. “It is an increasingly urgent matter to maintain a healthy life and to value its quality.”

Traditional products, such as Beurer’s, have been imported. “They are all certified, have design and quality,” says Santiago Garrido, CEO of Santiago and Guzman, distributor of the German brand. Health care and quality of life are directly reflected in the market. “We invest in this segment,” says Cristiane Clausen, managing director of Britânia.

Consumer is aware

Consumers are demanding even more when it comes to healthcare products, says Gabriella Vassoler, Multilaser healthcare product manager. “We have a strict quality standard in our products, with the primary concern of ensuring that customers have an amazing experience from purchase to after sales.”

Omron Healthcare Brasil expands its operations in the national market and evaluates that it is maturing and not growing, says the company’s CEO and President, Wanderley dos Santos Cunha. “End consumers are increasingly becoming owners of their own health, taking the reins of their treatment and wellness.”

To achieve and maintain quality of life, care must be taken, says Renato Carvalho, director of Relaxmedic. “We must support it on solid pillars of healthy habits. So, lifestyle changes are essential.” Among the brand’s products are massagers and scales that help with weight control.

In the case of humidifiers, dry weather favors sales. “The portable product has a timelier benefit due to innovation and portability,” says Francisco Mecchi, business director of On Eletrônicos. “Our company seeks to meet market expectations by providing affordable and excellent quality products,” says Fernanda Cândido, business manager of Ventisol, which owns the Agratto brand. Among its products are air conditioners, humidifiers and scales.

Room to grow

Retail is the best showcase for the category, but items do not always gain much prominence. “In general, consumers are aware of what products offer them,” believes Cristiane. “Consumers need to have more product knowledge, experience and the dissemination of their benefits,” says Amaury, who makes his biggest sales in the Midwest and Southeast Regions of Brazil.

In some places, the weather influences sales. “In the driest regions of the country there is a growth in the use of air conditioners. E-commerce allows us to reach customers who need the product and often do not find it in the local market,” says Giovanni. The online channel is also an important tool for Multilaser, where its products perform the best. “Retail represents 20% of sales and there is no specific region with better performance,” says Gabriella.

In the Southeast and South is the strongest acceptance of their products. Retail is a great channel, especially in São Paulo, where the brand is most active,” comments Santiago. Omron sells more in the Southeast and South. “Retail is a good seller,” says Wanderley. Renato agrees and says that product demonstration is key. “Large retailers generally do not have areas for item demonstration. These are well accepted in all regions of the country, except humidifiers and dehumidifiers, which depend on climate effects.”

In the Southeast of Brazil, retailers have the wellness section, and the example is being followed, says Francisco. “The major stores in other regions of the country and the most differentiated are also already seeing the great opportunity brought by wellness products, are coming out ahead and getting great results.” For Ventisol, retail is the primary sales channel for the wellness line. “The region with greater product acceptance is the Southeast,” says Fernanda.

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