Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics 2019: Google invests in voice assistant to help with daily tasks

The platform launched in Portuguese serves to universalize access to information.

In order to help the user to send a message, create a reminder and check data with voice command, the Google Virtual Assistant reaches the Brazilian market under high expectation.

Alessandro Germano, leader in Google development in Latin America, told during the Isummit of Artificial Inteligence for retail that Brazilians love to talk even more about messages. As a result, “the service now available for Android and IOS systems is starting to be successful,” reports Germano.

With this service, Google builds on its connected home project, the serviceable home, where all the equipment talks to each other.

During a talk at the Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics, the head of Google explained that sharing information on all connected products and services is optional. Thus, the user chooses what they want to open to the worldwide network.


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