Positivo Tecnologia and partners announce new notebooks and phones at Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics 2019

Positivo Tecnologia hosted a press conference at the Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics 2019, which announced several products in the notebook, mobile phone and gadget segment for Brazil, as talked in a chat with Mr. Norberto Maraschin Filho, Vice President of Consumer Business, Mr. José Ricardo Tobias, head of Positivo Casa Inteligente and Mr. Samuel Rodegheri, Business Director, who addressed topics related to 30 years of democratization of technology in Brazil, the market and trends of computers and mobile phones, and business opportunities in IoT.

Among the new products featured at the Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics 2019 were the P70S, Brazil’s first smart feature phone, and the Positivo Motion Q, Netflix and YouTube exclusive keypad notebooks. Other products from Positivo, Vaio, Anker and 2A.M.

“With the recovery of the economy, some products will grow back. An example of this is the smartphone that has become an essential good. So the return of these markets to the company is much larger. We believe that each 1% of GDP growth, we can have 35% to 60% growth in computer sales, for example. ”

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