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Increasing competitiveness is essential in every activity, and this also applies to attending a fair. It is an opportunity for the company to innovate with products, establish relationships and get in tune with the current themes of the segment in which it operates. The more deals it closes, the better, but if you can’t make it, it should analyze what happened and avoid new mistakes, says Luiz Barretto, business consultant, entrepreneurship expert and Former President at Sebrae Nacional. "A fair cannot be thought of as just a showcase of products, it is an important space for business,” he says, addressing some points to make better

Decision maker

It is fundamental that the decision maker of the business be present at the company booth, because the fair is an exceptional opportunity to establish contacts. It is essential to make your homework, to give everything on the first day of the fair, to analyze the flow of people, to engage, to offer services, to keep the booth well stocked, and to have a qualified staff for service, since interaction is not only visual. Content and details are very important. A welcome cocktail for customers, for example, is very adequate.

Relationship and update

Cultivating a network is essential. The fair allows establishing new relationships, making important contacts, being updated on everything that is going on in the exhibitor’s market, and aligning with the themes of the segment.

Distinctive features attract visitors

The new is attractive. So, at the fair, a company must, first of all, show the distinctive features of its products or services, establish contacts and go beyond the traditional posture of distributing material. It needs to interact with current customers, as well as with prospects, and obtain their data. Always remember that the fair, besides being a showcase, is an important space for business.

Launches attract attention

Launches are always good and attracts buyers. Companies must draw attention to themselves, and this means avoiding the standard, always taking the cost-benefit analysis into account. Everything has to be in accordance with the conditions of the company. Proposing alternatives that competitors do not offer attracts buyers. For example, a product that has a built-in concept of sustainability adds value to the booth.

Visiting competition

Keeping in touch with competitors is important, including to know the innovations. This is part of business and is also a learning experience, even for future application in the company itself.

The more business, the better.

The more business you can make at the fair, the better. Some attitudes help in this, such as offering better prices, but without exaggeration. Extending payment term brings a fundamental gain. And combos offer can be a distinction.

At the post-fair, do not lose sight of the customer

The fair is an excellent opportunity to get to know the customer. So the information you get from it during the event will be helpful in keeping the relationship alive. Do not forget that, today, agility is essential. Traditional forms, with name and address, can still be used, but there are other important remote mechanisms to obtain leads. If it is on social networks, then contact can be direct.


Buyers should look both ways

Just like exhibitors, buyers must have done their homework before the fair. There, they will know the trends of the market. They need to be objective and devise a rational roadmap to visit their suppliers. Additionally, they should take advantage of the unique opportunity offered by the fair of keeping longer and more productive conversations with them.

On the other hand, it is essential for buyers to have an overview of the fair and to look at the new products in order not to miss out on good business opportunities. At a fair, buyers must have patience, persistence, and time to analyze trends, compare products and prices, just as consumers do nowadays.


The more business you can make at the fair, the better. Some actions help to set the exhibitor apart, such as better prices, longer payment terms, and combo offers.

At a fair, buyers must have patience, persistence, and time to analyze trends, compare products and prices, just as consumers do nowadays.

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