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Mariano Gordinho,
Executive President Of The Brazilian Association Of Information Technology Distribution (Abradisti)

In a market that is becoming sophisticated at an extraordinary speed, it is difficult to make predictions about what will be the next innovation to be incorporated into the technology sector.

The name TIC, which is the acronym for information and communication technology, is comprehensive enough to “almost define” everything that influences the functioning model of our society. We have witnessed changes that have been transforming the sector. We can say that the letter “S” for security practically turned into a segment within the ICT world.

The concern with security, especially of data and communication, has always been relevant. Today, analyzing the dimension that the ICT sector has reached, it seems to me that security, once an item to be checked in a project, has conquered the status of “letter that defines one more pillar” within the sector.

It is no longer possible to think about ICT (TIC) without considering this factor. Just think of autonomous cars, complex environments where all our information is stored, or smart appliances. You can no longer imagine any of these scenarios without “compatible security”!

There´s been structural changes in the market, especially from the perspective of the technology consumer. Hence my hunch that if we had to choose one more letter to add to the acronym TIC, it would be the “S”, for the essential security. Thus, the new definition would become TICS. And in fairness.

Source: Revista Eletrolar News #145

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