Arena Gamer, the new area of 15th Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics

Unprecedented initiative will provide to retailers the content and information to better deals with the products of the segment.

Provision to the retailer sector of a full immersion in the universe of games, with content and experience, is the proposal of Arena Gamer that will take place at the 15th Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics. Innovative in a B2B fair, the initiative aims to generate more business opportunities for manufacturers, retailers, influencers, gamers and all those involved in the market, which has growth estimate of more than 5% in Brazil by 2022.

The creation of the Arena Gamer will also contribute to the retail chains that are not headquartered at São Paulo be prepared to sell more products of the segment. “The area will be divided into two parts: Arena Gamer, with products, and Arena Content, with auditorium to receive experts, influencers and gamers that, by exhibiting the brands, will organize the schedule of lectures”, tells Carlos Clur, president of the Grupo Eletrolar.

Main products: notebooks and desktops

In the last three years, when the industry began to launch segmented products, the gamer market improved a lot. More than three digits. In 2018, the revenues doubled in comparison to 2017. Today, we see many product launches, thus incrementing the offer and national distribution.

This is a market that is stable now and has all the conditions to grow in the next years, formed by specific items with greater sales registration in the e-commerce. This is due to the higher ticket and to be targeted to a public that grow up in the online world.

Laptops and desktops are the main products of the segment, followed by monitors, mice and keyboards with gamer profile. “In our basket of computing products, the importance of the online channel in the sales revenue is 74%”, says Rui Agapito, director at GfK research company. In the same basket of products without the gamer profile, online sales represent 40% of the revenue, according to data from January to September of 2019.

Monitors, keyboards and mice

Monitors of the gamer segment stand out in revenue in the same basket of GfK. In the period from January to September this year, they represented approximately 50%. Keyboards accounted for 29% in the same scenario, while mice registered 23%.

The director of GfK says that the average ticket of a gamer laptop equals twice that of a non-gamer equipment (BRL 4,784.00 to BRL 2,138.00). The scene is quite the same for monitors: average ticket of BRL 1,036.00 for gamer products and BRL 529.00 for non-gamers.

“As per the evolution of the market in units, in 2018 gamer laptops had increment of 99% compared to 2017, while non-gamers laptops had an increase of 3%. In the same timeline, gamer monitors had increase of 67%, while traditional ones went back in 5%”, explains Rui.

Brazilian market

PwC Global Research of Media and Entertainment showed that in 2018, the sector in Brazil had a profit of approximately US$ 1.5 billion. The country maintained the leading position in the Latin-American market, and is globally classified as 13th.

In digital games, estimated revenue for the Brazilian market should achieve US$ 1.756 billion in 2022. Considering only mobile phone games, the revenue will increase from US$ 324 million, as registered in 2017, to US$ 878 million by 2022.

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