What to expect from the second semester?

José Jorge do Nascimento, President of the National Association of Manufacturers of Electro and Electronic Products (Eletros)

José Jorge do Nascimento Junior

The advancements of vaccination in the country and the positive result of the GDP in the first quarter, above the expected by the market, are positive signs that bring greater confidence to the productive sector for this semester. However, we cannot disregard important risks, which could compromise good expectations.

In addition to macroeconomic factors, such as inflation, uncertainty about tax reform and an increasingly imminent water crisis, we must hope for better consumption performance. In order to do so, a faster recovery of the services sector, which accounts for 70% of GDP and the largest share of jobs and family income, is needed.

In the electronics sector, the high costs of inputs, especially steel, have a strong impact on product prices, which can lead to a retraction in sales. International economic indicators point to a stabilization in steel demand, but this has not yet been reflected internally. Another positive aspect is that the US dollar has been losing strength and the Brazilian real is appreciating.

In a scenario of still contradictory signs, we await the second quarter indicators for more assertive projections. Traditionally, the second half of the year is a period of sales increase.

Closing 2021 with indicators similar to those registered in 2019 and finally overcoming the downturns experienced in the pandemic is not only our wish, but, I’m sure, that of the entire productive sector.

Source: Eletrolar News Magazine #143

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