Bicycles: leap in sales from May to August

Industry pedals fast to supply the demand

Traditionally associated with leisure and sports activities, the bicycle has been gaining space as a means of transportation. With the recommendations of its use by the World Health Organization (WHO), to avoid agglomerations like those that occur in public transportation, total retail sales have leapt: from May to August this year they were 30% to 40% higher compared to the same period in 2019.


Today, we are witnessing an unprecedented bike boom, says Marcos Ribeiro, product manager at Caloi. “This wave began in Europe and the United States as a consequence of Covid-19 and ended up being reflected not only in Brazil but throughout the world. With this, of course, we have faced an even greater challenge in the supply chain”.

The two dates are the most important for the bicycle market, says the company’s manager, who highlights Caloi Andes “It’s for rides in parks and bike lanes thanks to the front suspension and carnation tires. It serves those over 1.60 m. It has 21 speeds, exclusive design frame, quick release on the saddle, double wall rims, which give more resistance to the wheels, and V-Brake aluminum brakes for greater durability of the pads”.

Caloi Andes – Preço sugerido em 09/25/2020: BRL 959.99.

“Today, we are witnessing an unprecedented bike boom.”


The market went through a great change this year. Today, bicycle industries work to innovate products and improve the quality of life of cyclists, says Adilson Custódio, commercial director of Houston. “As manufacturers, we design new products with geometries and components that meet the expectations of those seeking to have great experiences with the bicycle.

“The strongest sales season is always Christmas and the rim 29 models are quite requested all over the country”, comments Houston’s commercial director. The company highlights the Mercury HT 29, which has the comfort of a front suspension, which reduces the impact of uneven terrain, in addition to rim wheels 29″, which improve the cyclist’s performance.

Mercury HT29 – Suggested price on 09/30/2020: BRL 1,899.00.

“The strongest sales season is always Christmas.”


The segment had an average growth of 10% over 2019 sales, but with the pandemic, the market literally stopped. The first reaction was that we would have a difficult year, reports David Kamkhagi, director of Track & Bikes. “As the cities relaxed their quarantine, demand for bicycles increased. It began in the parts sector, with refurbishments and customization, went to the bike stores and reached the large retail sector”.

“We expect a movement from all models on Black Friday and Christmas, including the children’s line. But, following the pace of sales, we will have an expressive demand for rim bikes 29”, says the director of Track & Bikes. Highlight for TKS 29 NEON – Rim 29, with aluminum frames, front suspension, disc brakes, Shimano gear group and reduced aluminum peddle.

TKS 29 NEON – Suggested price on 09/10/2020: BRL 1,980.00.

“As the cities relaxed their quarantine, demand for bicycles increased.”


If on one hand more and more consumers are adopting the bicycle as a healthy means of transportation, on the other hand the industries linked to the segment are pedaling in a situation of demand, says Cyro Gazola, vice president of Abraciclo – Brazilian Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers, Mopeds, Scooters, Bicycles and Similar.

“The industry had a bad first quarter, with production interrupted in most factories and stores closed, but from May to June the recovery began. We saw significant moments in June, July and August. We are working the entire supply chain to meet this new level of consumption, which will take six to nine months to normalize. It is a global situation, not only of Brazil. The component chain is in Asia, so we will still have this time of adaptation”.

If it was not for the pandemic, Black Friday would have greater relevance, since people receive their 13th salary in November and could anticipate their purchases. “The date has become a pre-Christmas purchase, but this is an atypical year, it will depend on the industry’s ability to supply the retail and not the consumer’s will to buy. But I see that Black Friday has taken the place of Christmas,” says the vice president of Abraciclo.

Source: Eletrolar News Magazine #138 – by Neusa Japiassu

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