Consumer electronics, home appliances and computer goods industry boosts free trade of Manaus/Brazil

Alfredo Menezes, superintendent of Suframa

The analysis of the most updated statistics of the Industrial Pole of Manaus (IPM), referring to the month of August, allows us to infer that the PIM continues walking steadily to consolidate, at the end of 2019, its best result of the last six years. The excellent performance recorded so far by the electro-electronic and computer goods segments of the IPM, undoubtedly, is one of the main factors for this optimistic projection.

Of the BRL 65.08 billion invoiced by PIM from January to August, the electro-electronic segment contributed BRL 17.31 billion and the IT goods segment BRL 14.33 billion, which is equivalent to a joint share of more than 48% in the overall composition of revenues. Suframa’s data also point out that the two segments generate more than 35 thousand direct jobs, which reinforces its vital and strategic roles for the Free Trade Zone industry of Manaus.

We are confident that the IPM, very much in function of the results obtained by the industry of electrical and electronic products and computer goods, will continue on an upward trajectory in the coming years. We are witnessing a gradual improvement in the country’s production and business scenarios, at the same time as macroeconomic and microeconomic reforms are promoted by the federal government, contributing to generate positive impacts on the domestic market, which consumes more than 98% of the products manufactured in the Free Trade Zone of Manaus.

These and other facilitation measures will certainly contribute to attracting new business and investments to the PIM and, consequently, bring better results for companies and expand the generation of employment and income for the population.

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