Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics 2019 – Is a time of renewal for our industry

We have reached the 14th edition of Eletrolar Show, considered the largest B2B event in consumer electronics, home appliances, mobile technology, and IT in Latin America, which promotes closer commercial relations, new partnerships and business in Brazil and abroad. Once again, Eletros’ partnership with Eletrolar Show is even stronger, with the objective of enabling business and promoting brands and products of the main companies in the industry. We have, in this version, strong reasons to believe in a big event, with many deals.

As we continue to pursue economic growth, Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics creates an open channel to connect companies and their consumers, moving the business environment, improving relationships, and creating space to build strategic networking. It is a time of renewal for the entire industry.

Therefore, this year, Eletros is attending the event with an institutional booth. It is another meeting point for executives, authorities, sales and institutional relations professionals, friends, and key players in the electronics and household appliances sector. We want to further strengthen our relationships and be a link through our association.

There are many factors indicating that we will have a more positive consumer market in the coming months, building a more prosperous economic environment. And we started the second half of the year with this expectation, with Eletrolar Show showing the strength of our national industry, by launching products, introducing trends, and obtaining new and consolidated B2B businesses.

In addition to commercial dates of the second semester that are very important to our sector, such as Black Friday and Christmas, we have Christmas bonus and a much more favorable economic and political environment for business. These are very positive factors that drive our sales. Eletrolar Show has everything to be a kind of embryo of everyone’s thoughts, wishes, desires. Therefore, I see it as a moment of renewal. We hope that this version will bring all ends closer together in one direction, considering that this type of promotion can be extremely favorable to the business world and the country’s future, which needs to grow again, create jobs, and prosper.

In this four-day period, there will be hundreds of companies and thousands of people around the products and brands, and we expect that this exchange will generate businesses that guarantee the performance and future of our sector in a positive way. Eletrolar Show is a thermometer of our business, it gives the dimension of the status of our networking with partners in Brazil and neighboring countries, it measures the mood of all ends. In this version, the feeling around the event is even greater, we are all very excited. With each version, Eletrolar Show is surprising and, this time, it won’t be different. I wish a good event for everyone and success in your business!

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