Father’s Day – Interactive and connected

New technologies ensure good results for automotive sound equipment, which sales have grown in the first three months of this year.

Caio Dias, product manager of Multilaser and Alexandre Jordão, sales manager of Pósitron

Automotive sound equipment has been becoming more sophisticated to give users options to help them solve personal and traffic issues and drive safely. “The challenge of this market is to make devices more practical, interactive, and especially connected. All the evolution is guided by the connectivity and experience of the users on board, “says Caio Dias, product manager of Multilaser. Thus, devices with screen-mirroring functions, Bluetooth, digital television and Android Auto and Car Play connectivity are highly wanted by users.

The technologies evolved the concept of comfort and adopted a functional character, adds Alexandre Jordão, sales manager of Positron. “We are experiencing a reality of technological advances, and cars are precursors in this context. Much more than providing comfort to the driver, the automotive industry seeks to develop solutions that add functionality and safety. Sales of these accessories have grown over the past three years, proving that aftermarket has been successful in developing products that connect with other devices.”

Studies by the research company GfK show that the automotive sound +DVD market grew in the period from January to March this year compared to the same period in 2018. In units sold, the increase was 2.4%, in value, 13.4% and in price, 10.7%. Father’s Day has a very important punctual seasonality for the whole category, which includes major products and accessories.



Evolve X P3331 Multimedia Center from Multilaser. Suggested price on 5/6/2019: BRL 1.259,90.


There are three audiences for the automotive sound equipment, defines the product manager of Multilaser. “The heavy users, who look for performance and more complete solutions up to audio customization; the moderates, those who already have an idea of ​​what they want and appreciate solutions with good benefit-cost ratio; and light users, who seek the product by specific functions and buy it as long as it solves their problem and has good price. The device does not replace other gadgets, but complements the current gadgets.”

Therefore, the brand offers a complete line from a simple radio MP3 player to multimedia hubs that have compatibility with Android Auto and Car Play. In the entry line, it features the Pop MP3 player P3335, with clock and USB connections, Micro SD Card/AUX IN. Among the most advanced devices is the Evolve X P3331 Multimedia Center, with a capacitive 6.7″ touch screen, Bluetooth function, screen mirroring for Android or iOS smartphone, CD and DVD input, USB input with Charger function recharge mobile phone and SD input.




High-end Multimedia Center SP8730 DTV. Suggested Price on 5/6/2019: BRL 929.00.


Pósitron has models with design and quality, from basic to digital TV and smartphone mirroring. The SP2240 BT MP3 player features hands-free Bluetooth and hands-free connectivity, which provides greater security during phone calls. It has Audio Streaming, which allows playing music stored on mobile devices without the need for wires.

The top device of the SP8730 DTV line, the Multimedia Center, has a high resolution 6.2″ LCD touch screen, digital TV tuner, Mirror Connect function with smartphone screen mirroring, allowing access to the contents of the device as music, and GPS compatible with Android. Features front USB input, blackout function, rear RCA auxiliary input and rear camera input. “The whole Pósitron sound line has a two-year warranty,” says the sales manager.



Due to the large fleet circulating in the country and the sale of vehicles that increased in 2018 and remains in this condition, Alexander believes that the trend is that the automotive sound market grow as well. “Demand comes from all the markets, that is, retail sales, direct sales (rental companies, for example) and the new market.” For ten years in the segment, Multilaser considers the market quite challenging. “Those who continue to offer products and bring new technologies will reap the benefits,” says Caio.

Taking into account the punctual seasonality of Father’s Day, companies take the time to encourage automotive sales in all of their subcategories, such as accessories. Traditionally, sales expectations are high.

In channels, sales are similar. “They balance between physical retail and on-line retail,” says the executive of Pósitron. “Many physical retails, by changing strategies, choose to offer only entry products,” recalls Caio, of Multilaser. In this case, consumers who want more interaction on board often find the best options in the on-line market.


Fonte: Revista Eletrolar News ed. 130

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