Market – Eletrolar News 134 – Entrepreneur trusts more

The Business Confidence Index (ICEI) of the electronics sector reached 61 points in November 2019, according to data from the National Confederation of Industry of Brazil (CNI) aggregated by Abinee. The result represents an increase of 3.5 points compared to October. This increase was driven by both the electrical and electronic areas. In the first case, the index rose to 62.2 points (up 5 points). In the electronic area, the increase was 1.9 points to 59.8 points in October.

Abinee attributes the positive result to a change of mood in the business community, confident in the resumption of investments in the productive sector, mainly due to the forwarding of reforms in Congress. November’s ICEI remains off the 50-point line, which shows increased business confidence. ICEI ranges from 0 to 100 points – values ​​above 50 points indicate confidence and below 50 points lack of confidence.

The November result follows the general industry ICEI trend, which grew 3.2 points in November, reaching 62.5 points.

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