National Association of Manufactures of electro-electronic products – ELETROS


José Jorge Nascimento Jr., president

Positive indicators from the end of 2020 are repeated now in the 1st semester sales in 2021. But the moment, cannot still be seeing as a full resuming of economy, because we are in the process of recuperating from the Covid-19 effects.

Social distancing took consumers back into their homes, and their attention turned to the functionality and comfort. The electronic product took on an important mission, as it enhances the domestic activities and efficiency – reason this sector was one the most in demand in the last months.

Nonetheless, this demand required a quick operations response from the production chain, which in a lot of moments conflicted with the unfavorable exchange rate, lack in key raw materials and a slower logistic. It has not been easy to balance the supply x demand, and we have been working to optimize this relation showing interested indicators.

On average this sector sales increased 21% in the 1st semester of 2021. The Split System air conditioner increased 41%. The oven mix, refrigerators and washing machines 29%. The household appliances 15%, and television 1%.  These are numbers that announce an economic resumption.

Soon we will have Black Friday and Christmas. The advancement of vaccination and the gradual return of other productive branches stimulate the reheating of the sector. We continue to trust the public policies on economy and health, as well as structural reforms that will be implemented to establish a more competitive business environment. The result will be new jobs, revenue, and business opportunities to all.

Source: Eletrolar News #144

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