A new look at the refrigerator

The demand for premium refrigerators is global, and in Brazil is no different, revealing that the digital consumer tends to buy more sophisticated products.

With the pandemic, the consumer has established a different relationship with household appliances, especially refrigerators. They have turned its gaze to more modern and efficient products, endowed with new technologies, which led the category to grow 22% in revenue, from January to August 23 of this year, compared to the same period of 2019, according to a GfK research. Premium products, which also stand out for their exquisite design, are the preferred ones and open good business opportunities to retail.


It guarantees good surprises with high performance, design and technology for Black Friday and Christmas, says Gustavo Ambar, Whirlpool Latin America growth vice-president, which detains Brastemp and Consul brands. “The market is going through constant changes with the context of social isolation. People are at home for longer and thus understand, increasingly, the need for quality products that meet their demands in the kitchen”.

The Brastemp BR80 Frost Free Side Inverse 540 liters refrigerator is an example. It has two side doors and freezer at the bottom, besides Ice Maker, function that produces ice automatically, and touch electronic panel. “It is a new generation of refrigerators with very high capacity,” says Gustavo.

Brastemp BR80 Frost Free Side Inverse 540 litros – Suggested price on 09/29/2020:
BRL 4,890.87.

“People increasingly understand the need for quality products in the kitchen.”


The Consul brand is the Frost-Free Duplex refrigerator, 397 liters Evox. With a freezer underneath, everyday food is at the ideal time for the consumer, which results in practicality. It is easier to organize food and clean the product. It is also possible to control the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer independently, without the need to open the door.

The product has an external panel for temperature control and with the Turbo Freezer function, besides the Evox technology. “More than ever, household appliances are objects of consumer desire, demonstrating it is a good time for investment in the house”, says Gustavo Ambar, Whirlpool Latin America’s vice president of growth.

Consul Frost Free Duplex, 397 liter Evox.- Suggested price on 09/29/2020:
BRL 2,949.00.

“Household appliances are objects of consumer desire.”


In the portfolio are the DM85X refrigerators, with a capacity of 538 liters and Multidoor, and the DM91X, 540 liters, connected to the Home+ application. “The DM85X has Blue Touch panel, sliding shelves and Inverter technology, which makes the refrigerator reach the required temperature with greater efficiency and lower energy consumption,” explains Renata Dirickson, product manager food preparation & dish care of Electrolux Brazil. The DMX91 has a French door and a drawer that can be used as a freezer or refrigerator.

For the company, Black Friday is one of the most important sales moments. “It’s when consumers look for appliances that are more competitively priced. And, because it’s close to Christmas, many consumers end up anticipating the purchase of products in this period”, tells Renata.

DM85X Multidoor – Suggested price on 09/15/2020:
BRL 12,279.00.

“Black Friday is one of the most important sales moments.”


It highlights RCD38 refrigerator, with two doors, 360 liters capacity, removable and adjustable internal shelves and 69 liters freezer, says Marcelo Pinto, the superintendent director. “Freezes food at minus 18°C, has double drawer of vegetables and fruits in PS Smoked Cristal, shelves on the door of the same material, lighting on the side, ergonomic handles, high feet with levelers and A rating in energy efficiency. It combines beauty and design to practicality in cleaning”.

Black Friday and Christmas are the two most relevant dates in the annual calendar, says Marcelo. “We believe in the product with the best cost-benefit and competitive price to increase the sales at the end of the year. Retail presents improvements, and Black Friday can be a great opportunity for retail chains to resume sales in a year marked by unforeseen events”.

RCD38 – Suggested price on 09/18/2020:
BRL 1,579.00 (white) and BRL 1,679,00 (stainless steel).

“Black Friday and Christmas are the two most relevant dates on the annual calendar.”


Its 525 liters Smart French Door refrigerator has the innovative Instaview Door-in-Door™ technology to view the interior of the product with just two touches. “The technology allows that the door, made of glass, be illuminated for 10 seconds, which helps to save energy and diminishes the loss of cold air in until 41%”, says Marcel Souza, company’s white line and air conditioner sales executive.

It also has the HygieneFresh+™ filter, which removes up to 99.999% of bacteria and minimizes odor, and the NatureFRESH™ feature, which combines DoorCooling+™ systems (cooling up to 19% faster), and LinearCooling™ (keeps the temperature fluctuation within ± 0,5 ℃). The Linear Inverter™ compressor, with ten-year warranty, saves energy and decreases the noise. “Our expectation is that sales grow 20% in this period,” says Marcel.

Smart French Door, 525 liter – Suggested price on 09/15/2020: from BRL 22,499.00.

“Our expectation is that sales will grow 20% in this period.”

Source: Eletrolar News #138 – by Leda Cavalcanti

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