FATHER’S DAY – Men in the kitchen

The men’s interest increase for the kitchen encourages the release of multi-functional products to move the retail sales on Father’s Day.

The growing interest for the gastronomy, increasingly motivated by numerous programs about this subject on television and digital media, is taking the men to the kitchen, from where historically great chefs have come up, who documented the culture of their countries through cooking.  In this return to their origins, the men choose high-performance tools, but also practical which enable them to show their abilities.

Cristiane Clausen, general director of Britânia, Flávia Bertocco di Celio, marketing manager of Newell Brands, owner of Cadence and Oster brands, Annette de Castro, CEO of Mallory , and Eduardo Muniz, marketing director of Mondial Eletrodomésticos.

A combination of factors that lead the men to choose technological and more practical items, says Eduardo Muniz, marketing director from Mondial Eletrodomésticos. “One of them refers to the great allurement that technology exerts in the men generally, which is seen in different categories, such as smartphones, computers, and automobiles, and that would not be different from small appliances. Another factor is the already known search for practicality by a good part of this public to activities in general, which is a feature provided by the electronic portables.”

This opinion is shared by Cristiane Clausen, the general director from Britânia. “The men are more objective and practical by nature and they take these characteristics to their moments in the kitchen. They have been increasingly doing household chores including at this moment, and they have been moving to live alone. Thus, the practicality that the kitchen tools aggregate is essential to them, mainly because man and kitchen are no longer an exception.”

New behavior

The men are more involved in the food preparation due to lifestyle changes, says Flávia Bertocco di Celio, the marketing manager from Newell Brands, holder of Cadence and Oster brands. “Due to economy, necessity, or will, the ‘oven pilots’ have been increasingly more skillful. For these amateur cooks and head chefs, the products should provide a great performance. The increase in demand is related to the fact that the families are at home longer.”

The men choose high-performance tools, but also practical which enables them to show their abilities.

Everyone, men and women, like the practicality in everyday life, affirms Annette de Castro, CEO from Mallory. “Being able to do more than one activity at the same time means time and effort economy. Thus, more practical products gain ground due to them not to demand so much time. The electric deep fryer is an example. Previously, it was necessary to choose a deep fryer, put oil, and stay close until the end of the preparation. Now, it is simply insert everything in the tray and wait for a few minutes. We have been seeing this support from the customers to this kind of product.”

The electric deep fryers, the blenders, the food processor, and the multi-functional pots are indispensable to well equip a kitchen and prepare the daily or special-occasion food. To respond to the demand, which may increase in the period of Father’s Day, the date that always heats the market, the small appliances are increasingly smarter, with functional design, and adjustable to the current life, as you can check out next. 


Active in almost all the small appliances’ categories, the company highlights its newline to Father’s Day. The Britânia Revert blender provides a mixture more homogeneous due to the technology of the same name. The blades spin in the two directions. Another product is the Air Fry, with different non-stick coating.

One more new of the brand is the PMP950 multi-processor, compact and with great grinding power. The multi-functional product comes with a blender jar. The Redstone crockpot is also multi-functional, ceramic-coated, totally nontoxic that enables you to cook without oil addition.   The product fries, stews, heats, bakes, toasts, gratinates, grills, and braises.

Revert Blender
Suggested price on 5/08/2020: BRL 299.90.
Electric pan Redstone
Suggested price on 5/08/2020: BRL 259.00.
Britânia Air Fryer BRF10VI
Suggested price on 5/08/2020: BRL 599.90.

Britânia’s expectation is the sales growth, says the general director. “We look forward to the possibility of this moment to pass thus we can open again our physical stores. The retail has been reinventing itself, we see growth in the sales through apps and other on-line ways, and that has been helping us to show that those who know to live in these two worlds will make a difference.”


With a new design, the Super Light Fryer is compact, easy to use, and allows to prepare diverse kinds of food, in addition, to reheat, thaws, and gratinates. Its differential is the 1,500 W of power. It has seven temperature levels, which range from 100ºC to 200ºC, a 3.2-liter capability, and a 30-minute time that emits a sound warning when the preparation is finished.

The brand also presents the red Robust blender with a 3.3-liter capability, filter, a 1,000 W of power, pulse function, speed control, and stainless blades. Its jar has an antimicrobial agent. Other products for the date are the Rouge, multi-functional crockpot, isothermal grip, and the Easy Cut Colors mini-processor, 10 cm width, and 15 cm height.

Super Light Fryer
Suggested price on 5/11/2020: BRL 459.90.
Easy Cut Colors
Suggested price on 5/11/2020: BRL 114.90.
Rouge Multifunctionalelectric pan
Suggested price on 5/11/2020: BRL 159.90.

This market is in expansion, says Flávia. “We believe that our customers are increasingly open to the experiences that our products can offer. They are destined for those who love to cook or want to keep a balanced and healthy diet.”


On Father’s holiday, it puts blenders, electric deep fryers without oil, and processors on the market. The Tauro Glass blender has a daring style, 1,300 W of power, glass jar, 12 electronic speeds, an integrated knife with six blades, and a 2.3-liter capability.

The black Grand Smart deep fryer has 1,200 W of power, a 30-minute timer, and a 4-liter capability. The food can be prepared in a tub or even in the vat. Another highlight is the Mixer Mallory Trikxer 500, product 3 in 1 because it is also a processor and a beater of light batters. It improves the food movement through the blades and has a stainless arm, which enables you to prepare hot food.

Taurus Glass Blender
Suggested price on 5/14/2020: BRL 234.99.
Grand Smart Fryer oil free- black
Suggested price on 5/14/2020: BRL 499.99.
Mixer Mallory Trikxer 500
Suggested price on 5/14/2020: BRL 137.98.

Growing and expansion are what Mallory looks forwards to, says the CEO from the company. “All these products already have a good sale, both in our e-commerce virtual platform and with the sellers who resell the brand’s small appliances. We invest in actions to facilitate the customers’ purchase through our virtual platform, which has an omni-channel service.”

Mondial Eletrodomésticos

It has a line with more than 400 products. The deep fryers without oil have size choices as a differential, from 3.5 liters to the Grand Family of 5.5 liters, which prepares up to four hamburgers simultaneously. There are digital and analogical models. Among the processors, there is the big one, with more than 30 functions, and the mini, with a 310 ml jar. It also presents the model that put slicer and mixer together.

Its multi-functional pots have 3-liter, 4-liter, and 5-liter sizes, with mechanical or digital actuation. The pressure cooker has a timer, default functions, removable non-stick intern vat, heat function, automatic shutdown, and safety extra valve. The blenders have between 500 W and 1,200 W of power, and 1.5 to 2.1-liter jars

Grand Family inox Fryer– 5,5L – AF-55i
Suggested price on 5/14/2020: BRL 799.90.
Master Cooker Red Digital Electric Pressure Cooker – 5l – PE-39
Suggested price on 5/14/2020: BRL 599.90.
Turbo Inox Blender – L-1200 Bi
Suggested price on 5/14/2020: BRL 209.90.

The products have great acceptance on the market, says the marketing director from Mondial. “We have a wide range; we esteem that it is activated by the costumers on Father’s Day. We project important sales for this date. Besides, the multi-functional pots, for example, have a low index of saturation in Brazil, the factor that still enables market expansion.”


The brand has the Oster® 3 in 1 compact processor, up to 700 ml capability, that cuts, grates, grinds, and chops in seconds. It comprises the Super Fryer, which fries without oil and dehydrates food. It has a spinning spit and a digital panel, where it is possible to program the recipes, establishing the preparation, temperature, and cooking time. It has a 10-liter capability.

It also comprises the Bioceramic Gran Sabor crockpot, which can be taken to the oven to gratinates and bake, besides, it can be used as réchaud. With a natural ceramic coating, it has a non-stick surface and cooks 20% faster.  The Classic Osterizer blender has a retro design and high technology.

Super Fryer Oster
Suggested price on 5/11/2020: BRL 1,499.00.
Classic Blender
Suggested price on 5/11/2020: BRL 369.00.
Compact Food
processor 3 in 1
Suggested price on 5/11/2020: BRL 224.90.

For Oster, Father’s Day is an opportunity to boost the demand for categories that have a meaningful sales increase in the isolation period. “Today, the male fraction of our population is aware to the kitchen latest news and prioritize modern and sophisticated products”, says the marketing manager from Newell Brands, holder of Oster brand.

Source: Eletrolar News Magazine ed. 136 – By Leda Cavalcanti

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