Mother's Day is one of the strongest dates for personal care products. So, now is the time to prepare the store to stimulate business in the category.

by Neusa Japiassu

Taking care of the hair, changing the style and even the look are part of the personality of women, and this moves the market for personal care products, which also benefits from the high prices charged by hairdressing salons. Both economy and vanity encourage the purchase of a product in the line, says Cristiane Clausen, executive director of Britânia. “Personal care items are a great investment, they increase the self-esteem of those who purchase them, because in a few minutes and in a quick and practical way, the consumer can style the look the way they want and get the same results from a salon at home. “

Cristiane Clausen, diretora-executiva da Britânia.

Annete de Castro, CEO of Mallory, also highlights the advantages of investing in beauty products. “Consumers are increasingly looking to have the facility of a salon at home. Today, it is possible to have products that deliver the same result as a salon in the comfort of your home and still save money”.

Annete de Castro, CEO of Mallory


For GA.MA Italy, which has a strong presence in the professional and personal market, there is an extensive universe of options and features for the needs of each consumer. “Dryers, straighteners and curling irons combine the company’s strong innovation DNA with different configurations and features and design to meet the diversity of demands that individual beauty requires”, says Pablo Abeleira, commercial and marketing director at GA.MA Italy in Brazil.

Pablo Abeleira, commercial and marketing director of GA.MA Italy Brazil


The hair care category is dominated by the sale of dryers, which fell in 2019 compared to 2018. On the other hand, other products that comprise it grew during the year. Sales of stylers and hair straighteners grew by double digits in 2019, data from research firm GfK show. These products, historically, have gained importance in the month of mothers, the second most important for them, after Black Friday. In 2019, in the week of Mother’s Day alone, the straighteners category represented 40% of the total volume sold in May. Dryers accounted for 37%.

In 2019, in the week of Mother’s Day alone, the straightener category represented 40% of the total volume sold in May.

Companies in the sector know the strength of this product category. On the mothers’ day, sales of the Britânia and Philco personal care line tend to grow by an average of 30% compared to the other months, comments Cristiane. “Taking care of your appearance is fundamental for those looking for well-being. And we Brazilians are increasingly concerned with this. For this reason, the beauty market is one of the most promising in the country. The big difference between those who invest in this aspect is to innovate every day”.

In 2019, the company that grew the most in average ticket in the personal care line was Mallory, says Annete. “We are always attentive to the movement of this category in the international market to bring innovative and high-tech products. We follow the growth of the Brazilian market across the beauty sector, which grows above double digits every year. We believe that competitiveness allows Brazil to move forward”.  Mallory expects sales growth above 20% in the period of Mother’s Day.

Personal care products have high seasonality in the month of mothers. It is the biggest peak of the year, surpassing Christmas, Black Friday and Valentine’s Day, comments Pablo, from GA.MA Italy. “We are prepared for a 15% growth over 2019. For several years, we have seen double-digit growth in sales for this line and we believe that 2020 will be no different.” Below are some of the outstanding products on the market.


Together, the brands have a broad portfolio. From Britânia, there are 19 dryers, five curling irons and four straighteners. From Philco, 29 dryers, six curling irons and nine straighteners. “The Britânia Beauty Compact Pro BSC04P dryer, with 2,000 W of power, has high performance and practicality”, says Cristiane. Compact, it offers professional performance for use at home. It has Ion Tourmaline technology, which leaves hair soft and shiny, and Cool Shot, a jet of cold air.

Britânia Beauty Compact Pro BSC04P                                                                                                                           Suggested average price on 02/10/2020: BRL 144.90.

The Britânia brand also offers Titanium Rose Gold. With titanium coating plates, it leaves the hair with more inten se smooth, without damaging the strands. Compact and lightweight, it has a heating temperature of 220 °C, locks on the handle and operation indicator light.

                                                                                                    Britânia Titanium Rose Gold Suggested average price on 02/10/2020: BRL 119.90.

From Philco brand, the executive director highlights the Diamond Infrared PSC13 dryer, for home or professional use. It has 2,000 W of power, with a jet of cold air to help with finishing, shaping the strands and closing the capillary cuticles. Comes with two speeds and three temperatures. It has Tourmaline Ion Technology, which enhances the emission of tourmaline ions that eliminate static and frizz. 

Philco Diamond Infrared PSC13 – Suggested average price on 02/10/2020: BRL 169.90.

Also, from Philco, the Infrared Rose straightener has ceramic plates, temperature  adjustment from 130 °C to 230 °C and infrared light, which provides softness, shine and strength to the hair. It has a 360° swivel cord, safety lock and hanging ring. The product is automatic bivolt.

Philco Infrared Rose – Suggested average price on 02/10/2020: BRL 179.90.


It has a wide range of personal care products, including dryers, straighteners, curlers, rotating and straightening brushes, for personal and professional use. “We have about 50 types of dryers, 30 straighteners and 10 curling irons. There is a wide range of options and characteristics for each range of these products, depending on the needs of each consumer. We selected some models for Mother’s Day”, says Pablo.

Among them is the new iQ Perfetto dryer, launched in 2019. It weighs 294 g, little more than a smartphone, has an air flow and temperature equivalent to that of a professional dryer of 2,300 W of power, with low noise emission. It is equipped with several technologies, such as Oxy Active – it allows ozone emission to act as a powerful bactericide, anti-aging and protector of hair color.

IQ Perfetto dryer Suggested retail price on 1/24/2020: BRL 1,999.90.

Another highlight is the Sensi 4D dryer, with a modern design, 2,500 W of power and the exclusive 4D Therapy technology, which releases millions of ions combined with ozone particles to act in the dimensions of brightness, antifrizz, reconstruction and antiaging. It also has auto bivolt technology, has two speeds and six temperature combinations. Available in Moon, Rosé, Gold and Black, exclusive version by Marcos Proença.


Sensi 4D dryer Suggested average price on 1/24/2020: BRL 499.90.

The Sensi straightener, developed with 4D technology, combines the high emission of negative ions, which provide shine, softness and flexibility, with that of ozone particles, responsible for the antiaging effect, minimizing the effects of time and treating hair from the inside. It has IHT (Instant Heat Technology) technology, reaches 230 ° C and comes with digital display for temperature control.

Sensi 4D straightener Suggested retail price on 1/24/2020: BRL 399.90.


In its current portfolio, it offers seven dryers, six straighteners and four curling irons. “We recommend the Glamor hairdryer for Mother’s Day, which has an ergonomic shape, serving for right and left-handed people; the Colors dryer, with a soft touch finish; and the Colors Green straightener, for domestic use”, highlights Annete.

The Glamor dryer has a Professional AC motor, 2,000 W of power, a professional concentrator integrated into the design and a jet of cold air, offering performance like that of beauty salons. It has two speeds, three temperatures and an articulated cable. Accompanies a briefcase.

Glamor dryer Suggested average price on 2/4/2020: BRL 199.99.

With a colored version, the Colors hair dryer also has a Professional AC motor, a professional concentrator integrated into the design and a cold air jet. It has two speeds, three temperatures and a 3-meter-long articulated cable. Comes with a colorful design case.


Colors dryer Suggested average price on 2/4/2020: BRL 199.99.

Another product, the Colors Green straightener reaches 210 °C in temperature. It has floating ceramic plates, PTC system, operating light, safety lock, swivel cord, cold spot and is bivolt. Comes with a clean black case.


Colors Green straightener Suggested average price on 2/4/2020: BRL 135.00.

Source: Eletrolar News ed. 135

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